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Surprise your partner with Valentine’s Day photo cards

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With the day of love around the corner, there is so much that you might want to do for your partner. For all the love birds, it is the one day where no amount of cheesy is too cheesy! Every couple has its own way of expressing love to another. For some, it is planning the whole day out together, for some it is a relaxed day-in with their favorite movie. We too, have a pretty nice idea for you all to try! Make Valentine’s Day photo cards for your partner! Yes, digital photo cards are a great way to express your love on this special day.

We have compiled a list of cutesy ideas for Valentine’s day photo cards. Read on!
PS: We also have valentine’s day frames and valentine’s day patterns which you can use to create photo cards. Do have a look!

Put together a photo collage

How great is it to receive a collage of all the best memories you shared together? Revisiting them together deepens the bond further. These types of Valentine’s Day photo cards are the perfect visual treat for anyone who is looking to go a little out-of-the-box. Combine the best shots and make a collage with LightX mobile photo editor.
Add text, stickers, doodles– whatever is your vibe! LightX App has something for every mood!

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Learn How to Make a Collage

Valentine’s day photo cards with Bokeh Effect

If there is one effect that spells L-O-V-E, that’s Bokeh! (Okay, not literally, but you get it!) LightX mobile photo editor has a lot of fun effects to work your way around. The Bokeh is the one for this occasion.

couple on beach, couple photoshoot, couple portrait, bokeh effect, bokeh, valentines day frames, LightX app
The Lovely Bokeh Effect

Give your loved one a happy, bokeh effect Valentine‘s Day photo card this year and see the glow on their face. Pick any photo of you both and open it in the app. Select from the various Bokeh Effects available.

A Valentine Double Exposure Portrait

As we said, nothing is too cheesy on the day of love. Not even a double exposure portrait. Select one photo of your partner and one other significant photo, like your favorite destination, your first date spot, or even a photo of yourself.

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The Double Exposure Effect

It will be a perfect creative treat! Learn how to make double exposure portraits here! You can crop your portrait to suit any social media platform.
Pro Tip: Choose the base photo to be a little lighter than the second photo.

Use Color Splash Effect

Another artistic effect to go with is the Color Splash or Color Pop effect. Using the Splash Tool of LightX mobile photo editor, you can turn a picture black and white while retaining a colored part!

Or else, turn the whole picture black and white and add a few Valentine’s day stickers and Valentine’s day frames to jazz it up with a pop of color!

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All the Spotlight’s on you

These are obviously a few of the many, many ideas for Valentine’s day photo cards. They are super easy to make while saying ‘Here’s a special something for you’! So go ahead, and go all out this Valentine’s Day!
Try Valentine’s Day Wishes Template NowEdit Now