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Video Conversion in a Snap!

Free Video Converter for Multiple Formats

There are many different platforms out there supporting videos and each one supports a set of video formats. Based on the requirement and suitability, you can have a wide variety of video formats, including  AVI, FLV, GIF, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, etc. And in order to convert to a desired and recommended video format, LightX’s offers an incredible video converter. With LightX’s video converting tool, get done with video conversion in a couple of clicks. Change videos to any format rapidly in just a few seconds. Simply upload the video, change its format, download and share to any platform you want. Adjust the video resolution, as well, to achieve an appropriate size.

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How to Convert Video Online

Have you prepared a marketing, professional, funny or any other video for a particular platform? But, unable to use it due to the need for the conversion to a particular format? LightX’s tool to convert video online has got your back! The video conversion tool in LightX is fast and easy to use. Simply upload the video you want to convert from your device or choose one from the ‘Stock’ collection. Next, select a desired format to convert the video to. Click ‘Convert Video’ and Voila! The video gets converted in seconds. Once it is done, save the converted video to your device by clicking the ‘Download’ button.

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All-in-One Video Converter

If you are looking to change video format at different resolutions without much effort or time, LightX’s video conversion tool is all you need. Its intuitive interface and professional results make it a perfect solution for converting videos online for free. is the perfect solution for you. LightX is a user-friendly and online video converter. And not only you can convert the videos but you can customize them, as well. Add music to video, or put animated text in it, insert images and much more. Use LightX’s comprehensive tool for converting your videos and personalizing them.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Video resolution tells you about both the quality and clarity of a video. To adjust the same, firstly upload a video from the device or choose from ‘Stock’ in the Video Converter tool. Select a suitable format and click ‘Convert Video.’ As the video gets converted and resolution is changed, select a resolution based on your need and download the video.
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