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a photorealistic beautiful face of a woman with long brunette hair, eiffel tower in the background
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Chef preparing a delicious dish in a busy restaurant kitchen, hyper realistic
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handsome man standing in the warm light of the sunset, wearing a jumpsuit, high-resolution photography
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How To Generate Images With AI?

Step 1

Enter Text Prompt

Describe the image you want. To help you get started, we'll provide some basic guide if you're unsure how to begin writing.

Step 2

Choose Image Style

We offer a variety of artistic styles to assist you in creating images and capturing the essence you desire. You can make your selection from these options.

Step 3

Generate & Download

Feel free to adjust your prompt if you're not satisfied with the generated image, and once you're happy with the result, go ahead and download it in JPEG or PNG formats.

Basic AI Prompts Guide

Here's a simple 3-step guide to assist you in creating AI imagery with text prompts. If you're new to this and find prompt writing challenging.

AI prompt image generator

Describe The Main Subject

Describe the most important aspect of your AI generated image. Whether it's the setting, a character, or a specific object. This will be the base on which the rest of the prompt will be made.

AI Text to Image

Provide Some Context

Provides context, emotion, and visual cues for your AI image to make more sense. For example don't just say 'mountains.' Describe the weather, the time of day, the mood of the scene.

AI Image Style

Finishing Touches

This brings extra style to images. Use words about the look, references, image quality, lighting, and how elements should be arranged in your generated AI image.

Generate Free AI Images Instantly

Transform Words into Art with Text to Image AI

LightX’s online AI image generator transforms your imagination into captivating visuals! You can now effortlessly bring your written ideas to life in stunning detail and vibrant color with this free AI image generator. LightX AI Txt2img seamlessly interprets your text prompts and gives breathtaking AI generated images, spanning from picturesque landscapes to fantastical characters and beyond.

AI generated image from text

Choose from many Styles for Easy AI generated imaging

LightX's text to image AI is a super easy AI image generator, that lets you generate AI images even if you're just starting out. You have access to a multitude of artistic styles to give your images a specific vibe. This AI image creator provides options including photorealistic styles to generate AI faces and life-like portraits, artistic styles to create AI paintings, these style options also include anime, 3D, cosmic, cinematic and more to give you the freedom to create digital art in various creative styles, allowing you to explore and express your artistic vision with ease.

AI generated imaging

Create AI Images with the AI Prompt Image Generator

LightX prompt to image AI uses the most updated and highly trained stable diffusion model that despite brief prompts, consistently generates prompt images with unparalleled accuracy and beauty. With just a simple prompt like 'AI-generated face of a friendly young adult,' you'll be amazed by the stunning realistic AI face results. The LightX AI picture generator is not only one of the most realistic AI image generator, its also the most artistic AI image creator.

AI prompt image generator

The AI Photo Creator for Backgrounds, Wallpapers and more

Using the AI tool for image generation has become increasingly popular for creating wallpapers and backgrounds. LightX AI photo generator gives you creative freedom to generate stunning backgrounds, wallpapers, and more such as

Nature Backgrounds:
'Generate a lush forest scene with sunlight streaming through the canopy.'
'Create a serene mountain landscape at dawn, with mist rising from the valleys.'
'Generate a tranquil beach scene with golden sand and clear blue waters.'
Abstract Wallpapers:
'Create an abstract wallpaper with vibrant swirls of color.'
'Generate a geometric pattern with interlocking shapes and bold contrasting colors.'
'Create an ethereal wallpaper with soft, pastel hues and dreamy textures.'
Urban Landscapes:
'Generate a bustling city street at night, with neon lights and bustling crowds.'
'Create a futuristic cityscape with towering skyscrapers and flying vehicles.'
'Generate an urban alleyway adorned with vibrant street art and graffiti.'
LightX AI image generation tool offer a quick and convenient way to produce high-quality and visually stunning wallpapers and backgrounds without the need for advanced design skills or extensive manual effort.

AI tool for image generation

Frequently Asked Questions

Our AI model utilizes a training dataset similar to that used in Stable Diffusion, comprising a wide variety of images from many different contexts and styles. This extensive collection ensures our tool can generate high-quality, diverse images that meet a broad range of creative needs.

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