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With LightX's Online Sticker Maker! Design stickers for any occasion or purpose, from business logos to personal doodles, all accessible from your web browser.

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Sticker Maker Online

How to Convert an Image to a Sticker Online for Free

Step 1

Upload Photo

Select or drag and drop your media in PNG or JPG format to upload your photo.

Step 2

Convert the PNG or JPG to Sticker

Click on "Auto" to automatically transform your photo into a sticker. You can also customize your sticker by adjusting the outline color or thickness.

Step 3

Download Sticker

Save your sticker to your device in JPG format or choose PNG format for a version with a transparent background.

Transform Photos into Vibrant Stickers with Ease

Make vibrant stickers from photos effortlessly by turning picture into sticker with LightX Sticker Maker! Turn any photo into a perfect sticker with just a few taps or movements on the desired area. LightX’s tool for making stickers will magically recognize the parts and automatically process them into a high-quality sticker in seconds. Achieve professional-like results without any prior experience or skills!

Online sticker maker from the photo

Create Your Own Sticker Packs For Social Media

Create your own custom sticker pack to enhance your conversations on social media and popular messaging apps like Instagram, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram! With the ability to export your stickers in PNG format with a transparent background, they will look flawless on any photo or within any chat. Personalize your digital interactions and make your chats more fun and expressive.

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Custom Sticker Maker for All Your Creative Ideas

LightX goes beyond simple photo-to-sticker conversions, offering you the freedom to create stickers from scratch using our advanced AI technology. Imagine crafting stickers precisely as you envision, quickly and effortlessly, using intuitive text prompts on the Text-to-Sticker AI tool on LightX. But that's not all—our platform also features a wide selection of fully customizable, ready-to-use stickers stickers to accelerate your sticker-making process. Whether you're enhancing your photo edits or simply expressing creativity, LightX makes it easy and fun to bring your ideas to life.

Custom sticker maker for free

Explore All of Sticker Maker’s Features & Capabilities

Understand the full range of LightX’s Sticker Maker’s capabilities to enhance your design experience:


”Auto” Sticker Making
Automatically detects and converts the main subject of your photo into a sticker. Ideal for clear, single-object images—upload your photo and let the tool handle the rest.


”Manual” Object Selection
For photos with multiple subjects or specific details, use the manual brush to select the exact area you want to stickerize. Perfect for isolating complex subjects, such as a face from a group photo or a specific part of an object.


Sticker Outlines, Shadow, and Transform
Outlines allow you to frame your designs beautifully by adjusting thickness, color, and opacity; Shadow add depth with customizable color, direction, opacity, and blurriness, creating a 3D effect; and Transform offers flexibility to resize, rotate, and flip your stickers, ensuring they fit perfectly within your projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can print the stickers you create with LightX. Our tool ensures high-quality sticker creation that is optimized for printing, allowing you to produce professional-looking stickers right from your own printer.

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