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Steps to Change Image Color

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Use Color Splash Tool

Change any color in your picture using the Color Splash Tool

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Learn to Change Colors in Picture With This Detailed Video Tutorial

Image Color Changer With Easy Usability and Instant Results 

Now you can simply upload your photo and change colors in it according to your needs within seconds - be it for fun or for work!

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Replace Color in Image Like a Pro With LightX’s Color Splash Tool

Change Color of Image With Single or Multiple Colors

Whether you need to change a single color in your picture or want to replace multiple colors, LightX’s Color Splash tool has got you all covered. It lets you change any number of colors you want in your image in an effortless and seamless manner. You can add any suitable color to different areas of your picture using numerous Adjustments sliders under several categories namely, Light, Gamma, Color, and White Balance. With a super-friendly interface and incredible features, play around with colors.

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Have a Color Pop Effect

The Color pop effect has become a part of the vogue lately. Keeping that in mind, LightX’s Color Splash tool allows you to apply a black and white background to your photo while keeping the subject in color so as to make it ‘pop’. It makes the particular element or area with color in your image look prominent and in contrast with the rest. This step to change image color is unquestionably useful and fruitful in terms of bringing attention and focus to the most essential parts of your image. It can many times lend a dramatic effect too!

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Replace Color in Image for Background

The background of a picture affects it a lot. Hence, if the two are not in sync, the picture or the image might look off. But there’s always a solution to that. Using LightX’s Color Splash tool, and a few sliders here and there in it, you can get a different colored background in minutes. You can even edit and apply color to the background with utmost precision using Smart Select, Smart Brush or Brush and Smart Erase, Magic Erase, or Erase tools. Achieve a background that complements the foreground perfectly well! 

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Image Color Changer for Hair Color, Outfit Color, and More

For all of you who want to experiment with different colors in your photos, the color splash tool is a must for you. With a few clicks here and there, you can change the color of your hair, outfit, eye, and more in the picture easily. Change the Hue, Saturation, Luminance, and Shade for a rocking good picture. Try on your personal pictures to have fun with friends or utilize for professional purposes, such as product photography when you have to display the same product in multiple colors on your e-commerce platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Color Splash Effect refers to a unique effect where an image at first turns black and white and afterward, color is added back to a certain or specific part of it. It gives a vibrant and catchy impression in the photo.

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