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Steps to Replace Color in Your Image

Step 1

Upload Image

Upload your image by selecting or dragging and dropping media

Step 2

Use the Color Splash Tool

Replace color in your image using the Color Splash tool

Step 3

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Replace Color in Image Online With Power of AI

Colorize Grayscale Images Easily

Want a newness in your grayscale images? Bring it with suitable colorization! Using LightX’s Color Splash tool for replacing colors, colorize your grayscale images for an all-new look and feel. Easily replace color in image online by selecting any part of the photo using our set of 6 advanced selection tools, including Smart Select, Magic Brush or Brush and Smart Erase, Magic Erase or Erase. Colorize your chosen area then professionally with Light, Gamma, Color, and White Balance under the ‘Adjustment’ feature. Get to colorize each and every grayscale part of your photo one after another effortlessly and effectively!

Colorized greyscale image of car

Replace Color in Image for Different Elements

Imagine, your favorite photo with all the perfect elements but in the wrong color! An absolutely upsetting moment, right? Well, LightX’s Color Splash tool has got your back when it comes to replacing colors of different elements in a picture. It lets you replace the color of any or every element of your photo in a snap. Whether you want a different shade for the sky, the water, the eyes, or your clothes in the photo, get the desired ones for all using LightX’s Color Splash tool for replacing colors. All the color ideas you for one, two, or many different elements in your photo, breathe life into them with LightX!

Replaced color in image of girls dress

Edit & Customize Image Using LightX Editor

LightX is a truly versatile and comprehensive photo editing platform that not only lets you replace color online in your images but edit them further, as well, to your taste. Done and dusted with the color replacement in your image, head on to the LightX Editor and choose from a massive array of professional templates, to begin with. Edit and customize, then, by resizing real-time, adding text, illustrations, stickers, and a lot more. Add a personal touch to your image, along with an eye-catching appeal in a snap using LightX Editor. Create for all social media platforms in merely a few minutes!

Images of boy at barn customized in different colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can change the color of anything you want in your picture. With LightX’s color replacement tool, i.e., the Color Splash tool, you can replace colors selectively in your image with utmost ease. All you have to do is select the area in your photo that needs a new color using any required option from ‘Selection Tool.’ Post that, narrow down the color with the ‘Adjustment’ feature and you are good to go!

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