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Steps to Change Hair Color in Your Image

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Change Hair Color in Photo With Ease and Fun

Select All Hair Types & Styles Precisely

Making hair selection in a photo is quite tricky. From easiest to the fanciest, there can be any hair type or style you may have in a photo, of which you’d like to change the color. LightX’s hair color editor - Color Splash tool has got you all covered, here. It comes with a set of 6 advanced ‘Selection Tool’ that have been designed to help you select hair for color change with the utmost accuracy. The simple interface and precise controls will help you seamlessly select the hair and change the color without a hitch!

Slider showing hair color change of girl

Change Hair Color Online for a New Look

Has it been a long since the last dye job? Or would you like to try a color without actually dying? Or are you simply looking for some fun? Do it all and more effortlessly with LightX’s hair color replacer - Color Splash tool. Go from black to blonde, or red to brown in just a few seconds. With the ‘Adjustment’ feature in LightX’s Color Splash tool, work around Light, Gamma, Color, and White Balance to achieve a new hair color and look. Get a result so natural and impressive that it seems the color is just meant for you!

New look blonde to redhead hair color change

Customize & Enhance Photo in LightX Editor

Let your new hair color present the best of you forward! To do so, don’t just stop at changing hair color; make your photos even more attractive by customizing them in LightX Editor. Enhance their appeal by a hundred times with multiple robust tools and features in it. Add text, stickers, illustrations, shapes, and a lot more. Transform them to look even more spectacular than they already are with an extensive and excellent range of editable Design templates. Personalize in an aesthetic, cool, or any other desired manner.

Customized hair color changes of girl

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX’s Color Splash tool for changing hair color allows you to selectively and collectively color your hair in the photo. You can obtain any color based on your choice or vision.

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