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Amazing editable Instagram Video templates for your social media strategy and maintaining the feed aesthetic.

blue white square fashion minimal video template
red geometric design minimal video template
red woman edited photo fashion minimal video template
blue denim styling fashion minimal video template
blue scenery photos collage travel minimal video template
white pancakes picture photography minimal video template
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woman editing photography video template
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pink instagram travel memories travel video template
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How to Make an Instagram Video

Instagram Post video graphic design

Select an Instagram Video Template

LightX offers a wide collection of video templates for every type of Instagram Video. You can select as per your video’s theme. If you wish to do it all on your own, you can create one from scratch. The ideal Instagram Video size is 1080 x 1080, which is an aspect ratio of 1:1 (Square).


Customize the Template

Once you have selected the template, customize it as per your need or wish. Add images or video clips, a soundtrack, text, stickers, or illustrations to the video. Crop, resize, edit and adjust the images, along with trimming or looping the video clips. Apply animation effects, too, wherever you like.


Download and Share

Once you are done, click on ‘Export’, to download the video. Your video is now ready to be shared on Instagram.

High-Quality Stock Images and Videos for All Posts

Blow perfection into your Instagram video post ideas with the most suitable stock images and videos in LightX. Whether you are curating an Instagram Video for Feed, a Reel, an IGTV, or the Story, LightX offers thousands of high-quality free stock images and videos for all. Enhance your chosen photos even more with multiple edits, such as changing the opacity or applying filters. Customize the selected video clip, too, by appropriately trimming it, volume adjustment, and more.

High quality stock videos

Suitable Length of Instagram Video

Instagram lets you share different types of videos with varying durations. Based on the kind of post you are creating, it is imperative to consider your Instagram video length. With LightX, be it a Reel of 30 seconds or an IGTV of 15 minutes, you can make any Instagram video post of the suitable and desired time limit. Make the best use of this time limit while editing your video by adding creative illustrations, a soundtrack, and more.

Trimming Instagram Video

Add Animated Illustrations of Callouts

Take your Instagram video posts to a new level of interactivity with animated illustrations in LightX. Select and add from the incredible range of illustrations under Callout for your next Instagram Video. Animate them by applying some astonishing animation effects, including Roll, Slide, Zoom Out, or Rubber-band. To improve the impact of illustrations, change their shade, align them where they look the best, increase or decrease their opacity, and such other edits.

Black male model image with creative animated Illustartions

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