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Display your photography and show it off to the world with professionally designed photography video templates.

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How to make a Photography Video?

Photography Video graphic design

Select a Photography Video Template

You can create your photography video either by selecting the most suitable photography template or starting from scratch. Ensure to pick the right size based on your video and requirement from the available aspect ratios of 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9.


Customize the Template

LightX comes loaded with tools and features to help you customize your video. You can add or change the background, insert pictures from your device, add text using text templates, travel illustrations, and a soundtrack.


Download and Share

Once you have finished making your photography video, tap on ‘Export’ to download and share on different social media platforms.

Make a Video From Photos

Your talent deserves to be shown. With LightX, make a video of your best-clicked photos, and present your exceptional photography skills in front of the whole world. LightX's large assortment of Photography templates has got your back for the creation of a magnificent video from your photos. Choose any template you like and upload and add as many images as you want. Enhance the look of pictures with, application of filters, alignment in a scene, appropriate size, and more.

Making video from girl photos

Easy Image Editing

Why settle for good when you can have the great? With the LightX video editing app, you can edit and transform your images to further add them to your photography video. The features of 'Filters' and 'Adjustments' in LightX let you make an image look beautiful in just a few moments. You can apply famous filters like Vintage or Black&White, along with the Light, Gamma, and Color adjustments. Have every photo look its best in the video with easy editing.

Refining girls Image for video

Add Captions to Photos With Caption Text Template

Describe your photos in the video or the story behind them by adding captions. With LightX's ‘Caption’ text templates, you can say it all in a short, crisp, and appealing manner. Not only can you add captions to the video, but you can also share the camera settings or the date and location of the photo in place of captions. Customize them by changing their alignment, rotate them, modify the text's color, size, and more. Craft a creative photography video in just a few clicks.

Adding caption text template to video

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