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Bring true color and life back to your images with our advanced Photo Color Correction tool. Perfect for both amateurs and professionals, this tool ensures your photos reflect reality with vivid accuracy, making them ready for print or digital use.

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Steps to Color Correct an Image

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Automatic Image Color Correction for Free

Lighten Up Photos Online

Ever wish you could have that perfectly lightened picture? Well, now you can! With the Light tool in LightX's Adjustment tool for color correction, you can lighten pictures easily and instantly. Either fix the background or foreground selectively or apply changes to both. Edit photo contrast to adjust the difference between the darkest and lightest colors. Brighten image for improvement in lightness entirely. Try exposure editing to adjust the overall brightness or darkness. Use highlight and shadow adjustment tool for enhanced detailing in the image.

Color Correction Light Exposure

Color Grading Photos Effectively

Want to take image color correction up a notch? Try color grading photos with Saturation and Hue tools in LightX's Adjustment tool for color correction.  Enjoy professional like cinematic color grading effortlessly. Conduct image saturation adjustment to increase or decrease the intensity and purity of color. Make the image more vivid or closer to grayscale. Edit hue to shift colors values. Play around and select the one that suits your image the best. Experience advanced image correction and styling with minimum effort and time.

The Complete Color Correction With Hue And Saturation Tools

White Balance Adjustment in Photos

Ever taken a photo and hoped there was a simpler way of adjusting the white balance? Not to worry, because there is! That's where LightX's Adjustment tool for color correction comes in with its White Balance tool. Try it to make your photos more realistic. Make changes either on the background, foreground, or both at the same time. Adjust color temperature to give your image a look of warmth or coolness. Add tint to image to present it in a more pleasing way. With appropriate overall white balance adjustment, make your images achieve their best appearance.

White Balance Adjustment With Color Correction

Change Gamma Levels in Photos

Mastering image editing seems tough? Well, it is really not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. One great thing you can do to improve your shots is adjust the gamma in your photos. LightX's Adjustment tool for color correction brings the Gamma correction tool to get an excellent picture. Adjust the contrast in RGB, i.e., the Red, Green, and Blue for an ideal tone. Modify any either on the background, foreground, or both in the image. Edit like a pro without any need for technical knowledge or editing skills.

Modify Picture with Gamma Correction Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Color correction refers to fixing and improving colors in an image. It allows an image to attain the look it should have.

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