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Image Exposure Editor online

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Balance Image Details With Exposure

Image Exposure Editing Online

Exposure is a crucial element in photography that determines the amount of light entering the camera sensor. Getting the photo exposure right is essential to see and appreciating an image's details. Overexposure results in an image with extra bright highlights and washed-out areas. Underexposure leads to an image being too dark making visibility hard. Proper image exposure can make a huge difference in the overall quality of the image, allowing for a well-balanced and detailed shot. If you forgot to set the same while capturing the picture or didn't get the desired exposure-outcome, you can fix it during the image processing stage in seconds with LightX.

Change image exposure using the Exposure slider

AI-Enabled Photo Exposure Editor

LightX's Adjustment tool with its AI-enabled automatic Exposure editing slider lets you modify the image exposure with utmost precision. Using it, you can attain the appropriate impression of lightness or darkness in your picture. Employ the Exposure slider to the right to edit overexposed photo areas by lowering the excessive light, resulting in an adequate level of darkness that produces a suitable effect. In an underexposed image, augment the visibility of darker areas by moving the exposure slider toward the left. This will mitigate the immoderate image darkness and add a balanced luminosity to the entire image.

Edit image exposure along with other adjustments

Automatic Foreground & Background Mask Detection for Exposure

LightX’s photo exposure editor incorporates advanced algorithms to facilitate automatic mask detection for an image’s foreground and background. This allows you to selectively adjust the image exposure in the foreground or background of the image. Simply put, LightX’s exposure editing tool leverages AI automatic masking, allowing you to perform accurate & desired photo exposure adjustment individually to the foreground and background of the image. Move the slider or set a specific value to derive results. Enjoy precise control over the image and obtain the correct degree of exposure in photos providing an improved visual appeal.

Automatic background or foreground detection for image exposure editing

Frequently Asked Questions

Exposure is how dark or bright your image is. An image too dark is referred to as underexposed. On the other hand, an image too light is overexposed. The same can be fixed easily with LightX's picture exposure editor.

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