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For informative videos that catch the attention of your audience as well as educate them, get LightX Education video templates.

orange subtle kindergarten registration education video template
orange simple book fair education video template
orange minimal books fact education video template
green did you know education video template
blue news writing video template
journalism ad video template
news reporting video template
social media membership video template
journalism guide video template
green reading photo text education video template

How to Make an Educational Video?

Educational Video graphic design

Select an Education Video Template

Whether you want to make a teaching video, a factual educational video, or any other. LightX education video templates for all. Select any as per your preference. You can create from scratch, too, if that fits your needs. Choose the right layout, as well, from the available aspect ratios of 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9.


Customize the Template

Once done with template selection, customize your video by adding different elements including images, and video clips. Make sure to add the text for better understanding. Let your added text look more engaging by applying animation effects to it. Try different stickers, as well, such as Numbers, Characters, etc.


Download and Share

Lastly, preview your video to check for any final touches. Once done, download your educational video and share it with your target audience.

Online Video Template for Educational Videos

The stakes are high when it comes to creating educational videos. The video has to look professional and engaging at the same time. To be a step ahead of your competitors and make educational videos having a touch of both, use LightX. LightX's Education templates, along with an extensive range of tools and features, such as the Text tool, Media editing features, and more, bring utmost professionalism and engagement to your educational videos.

Chemistry school experiment Educational video template

Add Free Stock Images and Videos

For an enticing and engaging educational video, find the best high-quality free stock images and videos in the enormous and well-enriched library of LightX. Get suitable pictures and video clips as per your requirement for your educational video and use them for guidance or reference accordingly. Edit, adjust and animate your chosen images or video clips in not more than a few clicks.

Attach free stock images and videos

Add Text in Video Online With SubText Text Template

The educational videos require the addition of a good amount of text for an appropriate explanation or sharing of instructions. Solve this purpose by using the ‘SubText’ text templates in the LightX app to add text to the video. With LightX, you can emphasize the text and craft an educational video that gets well-watched. Align the text wherever you like in the video, modify letters spaces for extra clarity, and much more! Also, to make your text stand out, add animations like Fade, Wipe, and Slide to it.

Subtext text template in school children studying video

Get access to dozen of professional templates

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