AI Replace: Easily Replace Objects in Photos with Prompts

Seamlessly swap elements within your photos with any desired objects simply by providing a text description of the object.

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Change hair color with AI replace tool

How to Use LightX AI Image Replace


Mark Area

Upload a photo and mark the element that you want to replace in your photo


Enter Prompt

In the text prompt box, describe the object that will replace the element in your photo


Generate and Download

Click 'Generate' to add the new element to the image, then download it to your device.

Utilize AI Image Replacer for Diverse Applications!

Replace Unwanted Elements with New Objects Using AI Magic

Replace Image Content with Easy Masking and Simple Prompts

Worry no more about image clutter or unfavored elements. Employ LightX's easy-to-use erase and replace AI tool to generate a new reality! Just mask the area you wish to replace and enter a text prompt. In mere seconds, experience a realistic and precise AI image replacement. Transform cloudy sky into sunny views and so much more!

Mask and replace object with ai image replacer

AI Image Replacer for Social Media Content Creators

With the LightX AI replacer, elevate the appeal of your social media image content. Whether it's your travel snapshots or promotional posts, its robust algorithms automatically erase and replace unwanted elements, guided by your selection and prompts, yielding life-like results. Craft distraction-free social media content without the manual editing hassle!

Replace unwanted objects for social media using AI erase and replace

Replace Clutter with Matching Aesthetics in Product Photos

Replace unwanted objects and elements from your product photos with more fitting elements. This can be especially helpful for businesses that sell products that are often photographed in cluttered environments, such as homes, offices, and retail stores. The LightX AI replace tool ensures that your product's aesthetics match its theme, presenting a polished and professional image to your potential customers.

AI image replacement for the aesthetic Product photo

Frequently Asked Questions

With LightX's AI image replace tool, you can instantly and effortlessly replace objects in photos. Its smart algorithms automatically place an entirely new object or pet as per your prompt in place of the selected object etc. You can create images with a completely new reality in the blink of an eye! Replace images for concept art, marketing materials, personal photos, and more.

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