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Revamp your space virtually! Our AI Interior Design tool helps you visualize new decor and layouts in your photos before making real changes. It's like having a designer in your pocket!

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How to Create a Virtual Interior Design in LightX

Step 1

Mark the Area

Upload your room photo and mark the old furniture or a blank space with the Brush tool.

Step 2

Enter Text Prompt

In the text prompt box, describe the furniture or decor style you want for your room.

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click "Generate" to create the image with the new furniture, then download it to your device.

Turn Any Basic Chair to Designer Couch: Interior Design AI Tool

Add Virtual Furniture to Empty Rooms: AI Room Design

LightX AI interior design makes it convenient for designers to experiment with various ideas. Use AI for room design to add virtual furniture, decor, and various elements to a room's photo, giving you a sneak peek of how your room will appear following adjustments. With LightX’s AI room makeover, designers can rapidly prototype and iterate on design ideas digitally, saving time and effort in the early design stages.

AI for room design online free

Create AI-Generated Interior Design For Client Presentations 

Create free AI interior designs and AI home exterior designs on LightX and present design concepts to clients. Designers can enhance their proposals by superimposing proposed furnishings and decorations onto existing room photos. AI generated interior design helps clients better understand the designer's vision and how the final space will look, as well as compare the visual impact and cost-effectiveness of different furniture and decor options. 

AI interior design generator for free

Color Coordination, Style Experimentation with AI Room Planner

With artificial intelligence home design and AI room design, designers can quickly experiment with different design styles and aesthetics by adding objects that match a specific theme or trend. This helps them tailor their designs to suit the client's preferences. Designers can also test color combinations by adding objects in various shades to see how they complement or contrast with the existing room colors. 

Free AI room planner

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX AI can help with interior design. Its AI home design generator can create design suggestions through text prompts, suggest furniture arrangements, and offer color scheme choices, boosting the creative process for both designers and homeowners.

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