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Switch up grey skies for stunning sunsets or clear days. Our AI Sky Replacement makes any outdoor shot breathtaking.

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Add Pink Clouds using AI sky replacement

How To Change Sky In Photos

Step 1

Mark Area

Upload your landscape photo and mark the sky area with the Brush tool.

Step 2

Enter Prompt

In the text prompt box, describe the sky style you want for your picture.

Step 3

Generate & Download

Click "Generate" to create the image, then download it to your device.

Change Sky in Photo Using AI

Let the AI Sky Replacement Beautify Pictures

The sky is like the canvas of your photograph, and picking the ideal one can transform an ordinary picture into an extraordinary piece of art. With LightX's AI sky replacement tool, transform your photographs by enhancing their aesthetics right away. Let AI do the work by simply entering your prompt. Your picture will appear to be very different if you add a new sky to it, increasing its beauty. Discover ways to readily embrace the power of creative transformation. 

change sky in photo using AI replace sky

AI Sky Replacement Transforming Weather and Stories 

AI sky replacement could be the most powerful tool for storytelling. By changing weather patterns, improving pictures, and creating interesting visual stories, it can elevate commonplace views into works of art by adjusting the weather conditions. With the use of AI sky replace tool, photographers may create the visual narratives they want, whether it's to brighten a grim day or add drama to a fresh sky. 

Add clouds to photo with AI change sky

Influencers’ Secret: Stunning Skies in Your Social Media 

If you wish to share your picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat under the best light with a beautiful sky, LightX’s AI change sky tool is the one for you! Instantly improve the aesthetics of your picture and make it stand out, attracting viewers' attention by adding a simple text prompt. Experience a truly effortless and effective AI sky replacement for your social media posts and stories. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

LightX’s AI replacement tool makes achieving a starry night in pictures easy. Simply upload your photo, mask the existing sky in the image, and write a prompt for the starry night you want. Watch AI realistically and beautifully apply a night sky filled with stars. 

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