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Mesmerizing travel video templates which will make your jaw drop in awe. Use editable templates to make your videos.

blue engaging sky diving travel video template
blue cruise tour travel video template
white winter vacation deals travel video template
blue catchy beach holiday travel video template
green photo background cruise vacation travel video template
blue brown photo collage desert travel video template
brown beige creative travel video template
green culture celebration video template
red orange festival travel video template
man exploring travel video template
beige girl sunset travel video template
blue modern woman photo travel video template
brown beige woman photo travel video template
white elegant photo text travel video template
blue capture moment travel video template

How to Make a Travel Video?

Travel video graphic design

Select a Travel Video Template

Select a travel video template from LightX’s library of customizable travel templates. If you want to start it all on your own, create from scratch. Choose the most suitable layout from the available aspect ratios of 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9 based on your video.


Customize the Template

Customize your travel video, now, by adding different images and video clips. You can upload the ones you want from your device or take them in just a few clicks from stock. Make your video look more captivating by adjusting colors, applying a background, adding catchy text, and more such edits depending upon your requirement.


Download and Share

Lastly, add the final touch followed by previewing your video. When done, you are all set to share your travel tale with your audience or friends, or family.

Make a Video Montage for Your Travel video

With the LightX app to make video montage, create a video montage that your viewers would absolutely love. It is as simple as uploading your best images or shots from your device and placing them together in a sequence that conveys a mind-blowing story. For a greater effect on audiences' minds, you can apply filters on images, adjust their Light, Contrast, and Colors, rotate or flip some photos for fun, and align each correctly.

Montage travel video

Add Text in Video Online With Highlight Text Template

A travel video often requires mentioning certain information, like the hotel's name, ticket charges, or visiting time. It is imperative to add such informational text in the video for your viewers' convenience. With LightX's Highlight text templates, add text to the video easily. Choose any option and customize it according to your travel video's theme. You can edit the text color, size, change the typography, alignment, opacity, and a lot more.

Highlight text in travel couple video

Add Music to Video and Edit It

A travel video with music in it is an unbeatable fusion. One may watch it over and over and still not get bored. Come up with such a beautiful creation by adding background music to the video using LightX. Pick any mellow soundtrack from dozens of options available in LightX. You can also upload any soft music from your device in the video. Conduct the rest of the edits, like volume adjustments or applying the loop based on your liking and requirement for an outstanding travel video.

Boating in lake video

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