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Make a statement that grabs viewers' focus instantly, leaving a lasting impact with LightX's Headlines video maker. Hold viewers' interest from the first frame to the last by adding text in striking fonts and your own compelling images.

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How to Make a Headlines Video?

Headlines Video graphic design

Select a Headlines Video Template

LightX provides dazzling video templates for your headlines videos. Visit the template library and choose any that you like. Or, you can create your video from scratch. Make sure to choose a suitable layout for your template from the available aspect ratios of 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9.


Customize the Template

After selecting the headline video template, customize it according to your needs. Choose from a variety of backgrounds, insert text, media, relevant stickers, or illustrations. Add animation effects, as well, to improve the appeal.


Download and Share

And your video is ready! All you need to do now is download your video and share it wherever you want.

Create Customized Videos

Some videos rely majorly on the text in them. For such videos, LightX offers Headlines templates. They are designed with a great emphasis on the text. You can give the text in the video the desired importance using these templates. Choose from different illustrations, soundtracks, multiple alignments, trendy animation effects, such as Swipe, Slide or Roll, and more, for further quick, desired, and fruitful customization.

Customized nature magazine video

Edit the Text in Video Using Contrasting Colors

Along with a headline, your video may contain a sub-headline or a body. Apply contrasting colors to their text and make each one more noticeable and attractive. With the LightX video maker app, you can color the heading and subheadings in your video as you want with different color codes, including RGB, HSL, or Hex. Pick any shade under them for any text and bring about an eye-catching contrasting color scheme in the video.

Editing text using contrast colors in video

Add Stickers to Video With Animation Effects

The headlines in the headlines video are meant to lead. To drive all the attention towards them, insert suitable stickers in your video. With LightX, you get to add stickers to the video online, near the headline in just a few simple clicks. From Party stickers, Animal stickers to Number stickers, and Acronym stickers, you get a wide variety. You can edit the stickers, as well, by applying animation effects like Zoom In, Zoom Out, or Rubber-band to them.

Stickers and animation effects in the moon man video

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