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LightX's versatile Event video maker has got you covered for all your upcoming events - From weddings and concerts to conferences or corporate events. Create promos, teasers, announcements, and more, that engage your audience and leave a lasting impression.

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How to make an Event Video?

Event video graphic design

Select an Event Video Template

LightX offers event templates for every type of event. Start your event video by selecting your preferred video template from LightX’s library. If you want to try making the video on your own from the beginning, choose to create from scratch. Select a fitting layout from the available aspect ratios of 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9.


Customize the Template

Edit your video online just as you want by adding text, images, or videos. Resize, crop, and trim them respectively according to your need. Insert a relevant soundtrack, along with illustrations, animation, and much more.


Download and Share

Your event video is all set to amaze your audience now! Simply click on ‘Export’ to download the video and share.

Editable Video Templates for all Events

Gather your event all the praise it deserves with a stunning video of it. LightX's beautifully crafted editable video templates of events help you create multiple event videos, such as an event date announcement, an event promo video, an event success video, and a lot more. So, whether you have an upcoming art exhibition, a dancing event, or plan to share how your workshop or a party went, choose a suitable event template in LightX and get started!

Editable New Year event video template

Create a Photo and Video Collage

An event always has a plethora of images and video clips to it. The best way to bring them all together is in the form of a video collage. Add all your event's photos and video clips in a magnificent video collage using the LightX video editor. You can divide them into different scenes, as well, in a single video. Sort images and videos thoughtfully and edit, adjust and animate them for more impact.

Girls partying photo and video collage

Add Text in Video Online With Title Text Template

As per the standards of making an event video, it must contain a clear and engaging CTA. Add an immensely appealing and compelling one to your event video with the 'Title' text templates in LightX online text video maker. You can also use the Title text template to share the other event details like the date, time, or venue. This will save your extra effort of making a separate image for the same. Later, customize the added text template by changing the text's placement, letter spacing, and whatnot!

Girls enjoying friday night video with title text template

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