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Happy girl with hat holding marigoldBlur background image of girl with hat holding marigold

Steps to Blur Background of an Image

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Use the Background Blur Tool

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Get Better With Video Tutorial of Background Blur Tool

Blur Out Background of Your Photos Seamlessly

With LightX's robust Background Blur tool, apply blur to any picture online and enhance its beauty in less than 5 minutes!

Girl jumping in valley
Original Image
Removed Background of girl image jumping high
More focus on Object
Selected area to remove background of girl jumping high
Hide the unwanted highest opacity
Customised design of girl jumping high in valley
Customised Design

What to Know About LightX’s Image Background Blur Tool?

Adjust the Blur Intensity as You Like

Have an expected and ideal amount of blur effect on your photo with the adjustable blur intensity feature of LightX’s Background Blur tool. Blur the photo background a little less for a softer, natural, and hazy background in the photo. Or, make it deep for attaining a beautiful depth of field, bokeh, or abstract look in your picture. Whatever you want and require, customize the blur effect's intensity on your photo’s background in just a single click!

Smiling women wearing hat and orange top

Blur Photo Background for Improved Visual Appeal

With the zest of blur to the background, you can improve your image’s impression by a hundred times. LightX's Background Blur tool lets you blur background of image or any desired area of it perfectly, leaving the rest as sharp as before. Even without any skill or prior experience of the same, you can still blur background online of any photo and create a totally admirable blurred background edit just like professionals. Even more, get to add text using stunning text templates, apply filters, etc.

Multiple images with blur background

Fine-Tune Background Selection With Brush & Eraser

If you are looking for an efficient way to blur picture background online and for free, LightX’s blur tool for the background has got you all covered. Making the process a lot easier and smooth, it comes equipped with Brush, Erase, Magic Brush, and Magic Erase features, which let you mask/unmask the background as you like. Simply choose any, set its size, and get to blur even the hardest parts of the background with utmost precision.

Fine tuned background of girl image

Blur Effect to Put Subject or Object Under Focus

Want to drive all the attention to the subject or object in your photo? With LightX’s easy-to-use blur photo editor, keep the subject, object, or any part of your photo under focus and attention. Get rid of all the hard lines and details, too, that are a part of the background making only certain and desired parts of the photo pop. Let what matters the most stand out, leaving the rest blurred out!

Subject focus blur in girl image with natural background
Frequently Asked Questions
LightX's Background Blur tool lets you blur image background in just a few clicks. In order to do it, simply, go to ‘Portrait’, select the ‘Background Blur’ tool, and upload or drag/drop your image. Click on ‘Refine mask’ and use Brush/Magic Brush and Erase/Magic Erase in order to mask or unmask the areas of background for the blur effect. Later, adjust the effect’s strength with the ‘Intensity’ slider. Once done and satisfied with the result, you are good to go!
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