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Make a lasting impression with a silhouette portraitMake a lasting impression with a silhouette portrait

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Create Perfect Silhouette Artworks

Make Silhouettes from Images Easily

If you are wondering how to convert your images into stunning silhouettes, you can end your search right here. LightX's robust and AI-enabled Silhouette tool has got you all covered with an easy and effortless silhouette creation process. It automatically detects and instantly converts your desired selection from the photo into a perfect silhouette. From cat silhouette, dog silhouette to mountain silhouette, tree silhouette, and many more, you can make any that you want effectively with LightX's Silhouette tool!

Darken the subject with Silhouette

Refine Mask for Precise Selection

For a neat and exact selection of the subject or object for silhouette in your photo, LightX's Silhouette tool provides the 'Refine Mask' feature. It comes equipped with different tools, such as Brush, Erase, Magic Brush, and Magic Erase, which let you mask or unmask anything you need in your image as you like. Change the tool's size, too, as per your need.  Even the hardest of silhouette selections, such as the forest silhouette, family silhouette, dancer silhouette, silhouette portrait, silhouette painting, and more, can be done in a snap without any difficulty!

Edit Picture from day to night with Silhouette

Edit the Background in Silhouette

A beautiful image background in your silhouette artwork makes it look simply magnificent. LightX's Silhouette tool allows you to insert an image background into your silhouette art either from LightX's Library, thousands of photos available in Stock or upload any of your choice from your device. You can also keep the previous background behind the silhouette by turning the Original Background toggle on and off.  Try the Exposure slider to adjust the overall brightness and darkness of the background. With LightX's all-in-one Silhouette tool, making a striking couple silhouette, a flower silhouette, a human silhouette, or any other just became a lot simpler!

Human Silhouette Collage

Customize and Beautify Silhouette

Improve the overall appeal of your silhouette a hundred times more by customizing it. LightX offers a wide range photo editing tools, such as Blur, Change Color, Resize Image, Add Text to Photo and many more. Try any to beautify your multiple silhouettes, such as heart silhouette, butterfly silhouette, girl silhouette, mermaid silhouette, etc. LightX's also provides a wide range of preset and customizable Design templates for photos. Select and edit any with your silhouette to create a stunning composition.

Give your photography a natural touch with Silhouette
Frequently Asked Questions
A silhouette is an image in the form of a solid shape filled with a single color, image, pattern, or design against either a brighter or a darker background. There is a great variety of silhouette artwork that one can create. Some famous and timeless ones include a palm tree silhouette, car silhouette, female silhouette, human silhouette, and many more.
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