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Transform Your Photos With All New Backgrounds

Change Photo Background in a Few Clicks With AI

LightX’s Remove Background tool operates on Artificial Intelligence. It is this AI technology, along with a simple yet powerful interface that allows you to change the background of your photos in nothing more than a few clicks. All you have to do is select the background using our 4 customizable Brush and Eraser options, and the tool will then identify the background automatically and clear it accurately. Without any special skills, experience, or extra effort, you can change even the most complex backgrounds to the desired ones professionally!

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Customize by Adding a New Background

Make your image truly great looking with a new suitable background. Once you have successfully cleared the existing background with our Remove Background tool, move ahead and choose from a range of unique options. Select from our set of preset colors or apply any other color of your choice or browse through our collection of preset graphics, gradients, etc., to fill any as the background. You can also upload your own photo or pick one from stock to add any as the new background. And that’s how, in just a few seconds, you can have a perfect photo background!

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Background changer for Social Media and More

LightX's Remove Background tool is a great time saver for social media marketers, bloggers, and everyone else when it comes to changing the background in social media graphics and more. With its comprehensive background changing tool, upload any JPG or PNG image and not only clear the current background in your photo but apply a new one in a snap. For an even more creative outcome, try your edited image on different design templates in LightX Editor. Get to add many more elements, such as text, stickers, illustrations, etc.

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LightX’s Remove Background tool lets you change the background of your pictures for free. Simply take an image, clear the existing background and apply a new one, all online and free.
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