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Enhance your product photos by removing white backgrounds cleanly and efficiently. Ideal for e-commerce, this tool helps you create professional-looking images that make your products stand out. Get market-ready photos with just a click!

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Women in white clothing making hair with removed background

Steps to Remove White Background From Your Image

Step 1

Upload Image

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Use the Remove Background Tool

Remove white background from your image using the Remove Background tool

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Get Rid of White Background in an Instant

White Background Remover With AI Technology

LightX’s Remove Background tool with the support of artificial intelligence offers the easiest, fastest and most effective way to clear white backgrounds from your photos. You can select the object or person in the photo directly and use our set of 4 Selection Tool for any further required refinement. The tool upon selection will automatically detect the background pixels and remove them. That’s how easily, you can clear the white background in your image. No skill or experience is needed; just a few clicks and you are good to go!

Women in casual outfit wearing sunglasses with partial removed background

Customize With a New Background Color or Image

White photo background doesn’t seem to compliment the foreground? With LightX’s Remove Background tool, you can not only get rid of the white background in your photo but apply a new one, as well, in a matter of seconds. Apply a solid color from the presets or pick one of your own from thousands of color codes. You can also fill in preset graphics, categorized as Aztec, Vintage, etc., as the background. Try putting on your own image or any from stock, too, as the background. If you want, you can leave the background transparent, as well.

Girl in white posing images with changed background

Remove White Background in Portraits or Products Photos

Our intuitive, easy, and full of incredible features, the Remove Background tool is perfect for clearing white backgrounds in your portraits, products, and more such photographs. Its simple and convenient process is what makes it worth a shot. You can give your portrait, products, etc., pictures a whole new look right away by putting a new background. If you are looking to eliminate white backgrounds, in a professional and personalized manner, along with high-quality results, LightX’s Remove Background tool is what you need!

Smartwatch with different types of backgrounds

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX’s Remove Background tool has a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive nature that lets you clear the white background, add a new one, and further customize as you like, all in one place. This makes it the best tool to remove white backgrounds from your photos.

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