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Instantly delete backgrounds from your photos with our advanced background removal tool. Achieve clean, professional-looking images perfect for product showcases, graphic design, or standout portraits.

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Steps to Delete Background From Your Image

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Use the Remove Background Tool

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Take the Background Out of Any Photo Easily!

Delete Background From Image With AI

With the robust artificial intelligence-enabled, Remove Background tool of LightX, you can now delete background from your images in just a minute or two. Simply select the part of the image you want to keep and use later. The tool’s smart algorithms will automatically detect the background and delete it right off. For any more required refining, you can choose from our 4 customizable Brush and Eraser. Without any hassle, special skills, or prior experience, you can delete background from a picture and achieve the best professional results. Get rid of tiring and time-consuming old ways; enjoy absolute convenience with LightX!

Skater with transparent background and illustrations

Customize Your Photo As Well

Got your own fantastic photo editing ideas for post background deletion? Bring them to life then and there with a bunch of customization options in LightX’s Remove Background tool. With the ‘Transform’ feature, Scale, Rotate and Flip the image as you like. Head on to ‘Background’ to apply a new and suitable background to the picture. Either keep a transparent background if that serves your purpose or select from preset colors, patterns, etc., to fill in the background. You can also add an image as the background either from stock or from your device via uploads. Create a catchy and personalized design in no time!

Girl dancing images with different backgrounds

Background Deleter for Marketing & eCommerce Graphics

Using LightX’s all-in-one Remove Background tool, craft truly dramatic and engaging graphics for marketing and eCommerce purposes. Simply upload any JPG or PNG image and clear all the unwanted parts of the background. With just what you want now in the image, conduct the favored editing. Resize, apply a new background, and much more. Have precise and perfect results without investing much time or work. In nothing more than a few clicks, get exactly what your target audience would appreciate. Try LightX Editor’s Design templates later for more elements such as text, stickers, and just the right appeal!

Man in formal with moustache images with multiple backgrounds

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX’s Remove Background tool to delete background from a picture works on artificial intelligence. On the basis of the selection you make in the image, it automatically detects the background and then deletes it in seconds. It also allows you to edit your image by transforming it and adding a background.

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