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Steps to Change the Background Color From Your Image

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Switch to a New Background Color in a Click

Change Background Color Professionally

With LightX’s Remove Background tool, you can clear the existing background in your picture and change it with an all-new color; just like professionals. In an utterly smooth and seamless manner, you can select the object or person in the photo directly. Using our set of 4 Selection Tool, you can refine further, if required. The photo’s current background will get cleared by the tool upon automatic detection. Once done, you can apply any background color that goes with the aesthetics of your picture.

Girl in purple coat with changed color background

Customize Right Away From Different Colors

When it comes to applying colors as the background, LightX’s Remove Background tool has got you covered with a wide range of options to choose from. You can fill in a solid color from presets as the new background. If you want a solid color any different than presets, you can find and add it by from thousands of shades under different color codes. This lets you switch between multiple colors in real-time. You can also play around with preset graphics, upload your own image or pick one from stock while changing the background.

Boy in formal dress with background changed

Background Color Changer for All Your Designs

Whether you have an aesthetic design, a minimal design, or any else that you wish to transform, you can do so by changing the background color. With LightX’s Remove Background tool, change the color of the background effortlessly. Try among several colors or their shades, to finally have the color that complements your design completely.  Have a perfect color background and enjoy high-quality results in an instant. Get to add more elements, such as stickers, text, etc., later using LightX Editor.

Three girls with three different backgrounds and text
Frequently Asked Questions
LightX’s Remove background tool changes background color in your pictures by firstly, clearing the existing background, and then providing you a wide range of colors to choose from as the new background. You can add the custom background color in a single click. Changing bg color helps by elevating the look of your photo instantly. For example, when you add white background to photo of products, it complements the product in the foreground a lot better or a bright background color such as, bright pink tend to really stand out. Different background colors can enhance the appeal of your picture differently.
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