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Change photo background color

 How To Change Background Color?


Image Upload: Select or drag and drop the image from your device to upload it.


Remove Background Color: Select the main subject to keep, and the AI will remove the background. If needed, clean the edges manually with the smart brush.


Change Bg Color: Select your desired background color. Customize the shade by utilizing the colour palette.


Download: Download your photo with the bg color change in JPG or PNG, and optionally edit further.

How to change background color

Fit a Specific Style or Theme With Colorize Background

Change background color to perfectly align with a desired aesthetic or theme, such as the vibrant hues of a seasonal campaign or the playful tones of a holiday, ensures that images not only capture attention but also effectively communicate the intended message.

Instantly Colorize photo background

Edit Picture Background Color to Evoke Mood and Emotion

Change background color of a photo to alter the mood of the image, depending on the chosen colour. Change background colour of picture to a soft blue, to evoke feelings of calmness and tranquillity, or try bg color change into a bright red to inject energy, and passion into the image, completely transforming its mood and impact on the viewer.

Edit photo background color in seconds

Change Profile Picture Background Color & Achieve Professionalism

LightX Effortlessly lets you change background color of passport size photo or ID photo background color to solid colour, typically in light blue, White bg, or Grey bg, to ensure the photo looks professional and is in line with the requirements of most official documents.

Change profile picture background color

Color The Background of Products for Branding and Marketing

If you’re a business requiring a specific background colour to align with your branding guidelines, you're at the right place. changing background color of image online using LightX can ensure consistency across all your product images on a website, enhancing brand recognition.

Photo background color changer for images

Add Bg Color & Edit Further: Optimize for Printing

When preparing images for printing or publishing, selecting the right background is crucial as certain colors may not translate well across different devices or print media. Not just bg color change but also change background for a photo of image can ensure optimal visual quality on various platforms. Furthermore, you can add text to the image on LightX to create perfect advertisements and campaigns, tailoring the content to specific marketing needs.

Add colour background to photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, LightX's tool to change bg color of image offers the option to maintain a transparent background instead of opting for a solid colour. After the AI removes the existing background, a transparent background is generated automatically. Simply save the image on your device in the PNG format to retain this transparency.

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