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Steps to Add Stickers to Your Videos

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Dozens of Editable Stickers for Your Videos

Make Videos More Exciting With Stickers

Why stick to boring and emotionless videos when you can use stickers to make them more interesting? Stickers are a great way to add some fun to your videos. They can be used to express emotions and make your video more personal. If you're looking for some quick and inexpensive ways to make your video look better, adding stickers to it is one. With LightX Video Editor’s Add Stickers to Video tool, spruce up your videos easily!

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Add Stickers to Video in a Snap

With LightX Video Editor’s tool to add stickers to videos, you can make the videos far more interactive. Its easy-to-use interface takes less than 3 minutes to add multiple stickers to your video. An extensive sticker library lets you browse through a wide range of stickers, such as Numbers, Smiley, Glitter, and more to choose from. Highlight different parts of the video with suitable stickers.

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Customize and Animate Stickers in Video

The best way instantly improve your video is with stickers. But, how do you make them look perfect? The key is customization, which LightX Video Editor’s tool to add stickers lets you perform. Get to resize, rotate, flip, arrange, align, replace and change the opacity of stickers in nothing more than a few clicks. Animate the stickers in your video in just a tap for a more dramatic effect.

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Create Sticker Video for Memes, Educational Videos & More 

If you love the internet, then you know how big of a fan people have become of videos in recent times. Now, just imagine how incredibly the addition of stickers will liven up your videos. Try them on your video memes, educational videos, and more. Without any prior editing experience or skill, get started. Add stickers to all your videos and make them look like work done well and professionally!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, using LightX Video Editor’s tool to add stickers to video, you can select from a wide range of free stickers and add them to your video for free. 
or drag & drop an video

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