Add Stickers To Video: Animated Stickers, Emojis, And More

Make your videos pop with fun stickers. Choose from a wide range of graphics to add personality and flair.

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How To Add Stickers To a Video?

Step 1

Upload Video

Upload your video by selecting or dragging and dropping media.

Step 2

Add And Edit Video Sticker

Add a sticker to your video and animate it. Customise the sticker’s size, opacity, and alignment, too.

Step 3

Download Video

Download your final video with stickers in the MP4 format and a preferred resolution.

Video Editor To Add Stickers Via Browser: No Download!

Why stick to boring and emotionless videos when you can use stickers to make them more interesting? Stickers are a great way to add some fun to your videos. They can be used to express emotions and make your video more personal. With LightX’s video editor to add stickers, quickly spruce up your videos! Access easily via a range of supported web browsers. Add stickers to video online with a click - no download or installation is needed.

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Extensive Library With Free Stickers For Video Editing

With LightX’s add stickers to video tool, you can make your content far more interactive. Its easy-to-use interface takes less than 3 minutes to add not just one but multiple stickers to your video. An extensive sticker library lets you browse through a wide range of premium and free stickers for video editing. There are Numbers, Glitter, Party, Wishes, and more stickers to choose from. You can even add emoji to video as a sticker - a happy, angry, smiling or any other emoji.

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Add Animated Stickers To Video: Customise To Your Liking

LightX has you covered when you wish to add moving stickers to video.  Discover a vast array of stickers that you can animate with stunning animation effects like Slide, Roll, Zoom, etc. Add animated stickers to video from the collection with preset animations. Get to customise the added sticker’s size, opacity, or alignment in nothing more than a few clicks. Let moving stickers provide a perfect dramatic effect in your videos.

Add animated stickers to video in few clicks

Add Custom Stickers To Video For Social Media Memes And More

People have become big fans of social media video memes in recent times. To make yours go viral, add custom stickers to video with LightX. Insert any suitable sticker or add emoji to video for YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook video memes. Make your viewers love your memes with the addition of stickers. No prior editing experience or skill is needed to put stickers on video with LightX - it has the ultimate easy-to-use tool for every social media user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In LightX, you can add moving stickers to video with a few simple steps. To begin, upload your video to the tool. Once you are in the editor, click a sticker of your choice to add it. Click "Animate" followed by selecting the desired animation effect and you are all set. You can also choose from a wide variety of pre-animated stickers. Once done, download the video to your device.

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