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Crop Image Online to Improve Composition

Taking photos is all amazing but the real trouble arises when unwanted things get captured along. Such parts of the image make the overall look of the image less strong than desired. Cropping, here, is the savior! And,  with LightX’s tool to crop your images, you can eliminate all bothersome parts of your image and improve its overall composition.

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Crop Your Images Without Stretching

Why go for complicated software to crop your images when you can do it in just a few simple clicks? LightX’s crop image tool provides multiple preset aspect ratios to cut your images without stretching them and losing the quality. You can also trim the parts of your image in a custom manner. Crop your JPGs and PNGs with perfect edges in a size that fits your requirement.

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Image Cropper for Social Media, Professional Graphics & More

LightX’s versatile image cropping tool lets you work with all types of images or graphics. Crop an image for social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., professional or marketing graphics, holiday photos, and much more. Prepare an image or graphic with any dimensions by cropping it with LightX’s cropper for images.

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Frequently Asked Questions
The process of cropping an image refers to the removal of unwanted areas. It can be done to improve composition and framing, modify the aspect ratio as per requirement and draw attention to the subject or object in the image.
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