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Crop LinkedIn Photo to Optimize Your Profile

Crop Picture for Linkedin for Free

In the professional world of LinkedIn, a well-cropped picture is essential to make an impressive first impression. To help you with the same, LightX offers its online Crop Image tool to crop photo for LinkedIn with ease and accuracy. Its user-friendly interface with preset sizes crop photos in various LinkedIn recommended dimensions and sizes with utmost flexibility. With numerous options, you can edit and refine your picture to perfection while cropping to ensure it aligns with your requirement. Crop LinkedIn photo like a pro with LightX and enhance your online presence.

Online Crop Image tool to crop photo for LinkedIn

Edit & Customize LinkedIn Pictures

LightX's Crop Image Tool provides a tailored solution to crop photo for LinkedIn online as desired and needed. Using its Freeform feature, you can conduct suitable pixel-based cropping for your LinkedIn images. To crop LinkedIn photo efficiently in a custom manner, simply provide a width and height and your image on the canvas will get cropped automatically. In addition to cropping, edit and improve your LinkedIn picture even more with advanced image editing tools, including but not limited to Blur, Cutout, Remove Background, etc. Discover the perfect balance of size and aesthetics with LightX!

Customizable LinkedIn Crop Photo

Crop LinkedIn Photo for Post, Banner & More

With LightX's Crop Image tool, impeccably crop LinkedIn images in a manner that complies with LinkedIn's recommended aspect ratios. Get the preset aspect ratios of 1.91:1, 2:1, and 4:1 for LinkedIn post, company banner and personal banner, respectively. Additionally, leverage the tool to crop LinkedIn profile picture, ads, etc., by applying custom dimensions. Crop any image for LinkedIn to improve its appeal, and thus the effect on viewers. With LightX, have perfect LinkedIn image cropping with automatic precise and precise adjustments in the image. Get started right away with a free trial! 

Crop LinkedIn Post In different Dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended dimension for a LinkedIn profile picture is 400 x 400 pixels. You can custom crop photo for LinkedIn profile picture online with LightX’s Crop Image tool. 

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