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Steps to Cut Out Image


Upload Image

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Use the Cutout Tool

Cut out the subject from your picture with the smart selection


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Conduct Photo Cut Out Easily With Video Tutorial

Enjoy a Quick and Seamless Process 

With LightX's AI-enabled Cutout tool, create the most precise image cutouts instantly. Use them as stickers anytime for your pictures, memes, or posters! 

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Customised Design

Cutting Images Online Got Simpler and More Fun With LightX

Cut Out Background for Subject or Object Cutouts

Got a better idea for the subject or object in your image? Bring it alive with the image Cutout tool in LightX. Cut the neatest and sharpest cutouts of the subject or object out of your image and redesign them. Whether you wish to place them in front of a monument or on top of a building, let your creativity flow. Add the final touch later with text, filters, and more such edits!

Brown and Orange Jacket with rabbit texture

Save Your Image Cutouts as Stickers

If you want to make your image more exciting and appealing, a fun cutout sticker is exactly what you need. With LightX's Image Cutout tool, you can create a cutout smoothly and seamlessly, along with saving it as a sticker in no time. Use this cutout sticker afterward as many times as you want on multiple images. Try the illustrations and shapes in LightX, as well, to complement those cutouts!

Stylish Jacket With Sticker

Cut Out Pictures for a Digital Collage

Digital collages with image cutouts never fail to impress and stay in trend. LightX, here, has got you all covered with its highly efficient Image Cutout tool. Create perfect single or numerous cutouts in a few clicks. Add them multiple times on any background, and modify their size and placement to form one impeccable digital collage. Adorn a little extra later with suitable illustrations, filters, and a lot more!

Girl With MakeUp

Customize Cutouts for Social Media

Catchy image cutouts are always in vogue on social media. Whether you are creating a social media video or graphic for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any else, a suiting image cutout in it always works wonders. With the Cutout tool in LightX, cut out image flawlessly and fabulously in just a few minutes for all your social media videos and graphics. Get to add extra flair, then with text templates, illustrations, etc., in LightX!

Girl With Social Media
Frequently Asked Questions
Cutouts refer to the photos of the subject, object, or any other element taken out of a photo’s background onto a clean background. They can then be added to any other image or background.  
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