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Photo cleanup using AI

How to Cleanup Your Photos with LightX AI


Upload Your Photo

Upload your photo in JPEG or PNG format.


Mark the Object

Paint over the object you want to remove.


Download and Save

Download the cleaned-up photo to your device.

Employ AI Photo Clutter Remover for a Variety of Purposes!

AI Cleanup Pictures: Erase the Unwanted, Keep the Beauty

Remove Object, Person, and Text in One Click

Experience the ultimate convenience with LightX AI Image Cleanup. Just mark the unwanted element, and in one click, you can bid farewell to unwanted objects, people, or even text that disrupt your photos. Whether it's a photobomber, a distracting text overlay, or an unexpected presence in a cherished memory.

Remove person from picture with AI Image Cleanup

Make Your Product Photos Clutter-Free

Product photography demands perfection, and LightX AI Photo Cleaner is your secret weapon. Easily remove background clutter and imperfections to create pristine, professional product images that captivate potential customers. With a clutter-free canvas, your products shine.

AI Cleanup picture for clutter-free image

Landscape Photos with No Distractions

Capture landscapes without any distractions. LightX AI Image Cleaner effortlessly removes unwanted elements like power lines, vehicles, or any other visual noise that takes away from the grandeur of your scenery, making your landscape photos a tranquil, pristine reflection of the world's natural beauty.

Distraction free images using AI image cleaner

Photobomb-Free Background in Selfies

Say goodbye to photobombers in your selfies with LightX AI image magic cleanup. Keep your self-portraits photobomb-free and focused on you. Preserve your best moments without any unexpected intrusions, making your selfies truly remarkable. Results? Improved appearance and more engagement on social media.

Remove photobomb with AI image magic cleanup

Generates Backgrounds Instead of Simply Blending Them

Experience the future of photo editing with LightX AI Image Cleanup. This tool combines speed and precision to quickly cleanup pictures by eliminating unwanted objects from photos and subsequently generating a fresh background in place of the removed object. With advanced artificial intelligence, achieve professional-quality results in an instant.

Blend background using AI image cleanup

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an image where the primary subject is surrounded by clutter, clean it up effectively for improved appeal with LightX. Simply upload your image to its cleanup photos tool and select the objects, items, or elements to be removed. Let the AI algorithms perform their magic. Finally, download and share further.

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