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Remove person from image with AI

How To Remove People From Photos?

Step 1

Upload The Photo

Upload the photo containing the undesired people. We support JPEG and PNG formats.

Step 2

Mark The Unwanted People

Paint over the people you want to remove. Don't worry about the messy edges.

Step 3

Remove And Save

Click on “Remove” to erase. Download the cleaned-up photo to your device in the desired format.

A Person Remover That Erases People from Photos with AI Wizardry

Removing Someone From A Photo Has Never Been This Easy

A common occurrence in selfies is photobombers, and they can be annoying or even embarrassing. However, you can use LightX AI to edit people out of photos and selfies. Whether the photobombers are sly or not, you can easily erase them from your pictures by masking and clicking on the "remove" option – all done in a matter of seconds.

Erase person from selfies with AI

Delete People From Photos to Improve Landscape Photography

Improve landscape photography by removing unwanted people from the photos. LightX removes person from photo with speed and accuracy. Simply mask the person in the image, and the AI will remove them, blending the selected area with the background. Result? A natural image with preserved details, colors, and quality.

Remove unwanted person from image with AI

Remove People From Background In Travel Photos

If you are taking photos in a popular tourist destination, it may be difficult to find a time or place where there is nobody in the background. However, LightX AI, remove person from image without any problem at all. An artificial intelligence integrated tool removes people and individuals from photos seamlessly. This means that you can still take stunning photos of popular tourist destinations, even if they are crowded.

Erase people from photo with AI

LightX’s AI Tool That’s More Than Just People Remover

The most effective free tool for swiftly enhancing your images by eliminating unwanted objects, individuals, and even watermarks and  Texts effortlessly. It erases undesired elements from your pictures by allowing you to paint over them. This tool ensures a quick and efficient process, delivering results in just seconds.

Erase someone from a photo using AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Experience a quick and automated process to remove an unwanted person in a photo with LightX's AI Delete Person from Photo tool. Once you mask the person in the image, the advanced AI algorithms replace the selected area with nearby image content. It's like the person never existed in the picture!

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Explore AI Tools in LightX Mobile App for FREE
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