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Dramatically reduce image file sizes without compromising on quality with our Online Image Compressor. Ideal for optimizing website images, speeding up page loads, and saving bandwidth

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How to Compress a Picture?

Step 1

Upload Image

Choose or drag and drop a photo in JPEG, PNG, or WEBP format. It'll process in a few seconds.

Step 2

Compress Settings

Choose the level of compression or quality using the slider. For changing the resolution, click "more settings”.

Step 3

Download & Save

Once compression is complete, save the new, smaller file to your device. The image will be stored in JPEG format.

Make Picture File Size Smaller: JPEG, PNG,WEBP

To reduce image sizes without sacrificing quality, utilizing LightX's AI features, such as WEBP compressor, JPEG size reducer, and PNG compressor, can be extremely effective. These features are designed to provide high-quality images at significantly smaller sizes. By employing these specialized tools, you can efficiently compress WEBP, reduce the size of JPG, and reduce PNG file size in seconds.

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Compress Images To Specific Size With AI Precision

LightX efficiently minimize picture size to desired sizes like 200kb, 50kb, 20kb, 100kb, and 500kb. Its tools are adept at compressing a JPEG to 50kb or reducing an image to an even more compact size of 20kb, which is crucial for striking a balance between quality and file size. Similarly, LightX is also equipped to compress image online to 100kb and scale down a larger image file to 500kb, all without significantly sacrificing visual clarity.

Make picture size smaller in Multiple Formats

Compress To Optimize Images For Web

LightX AI photo compressor specializes in optimizing images by reducing their file size, making them ideal for web use. With the lower image size, you can also compress photos for email attachments, and conserve storage space. It ensures faster online loading while preserving their aesthetic appeal. This is particularly beneficial for platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail, where efficient data management is crucial.

Compress image to specific size in seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

To achieve extreme compression of a JPEG image while attempting to maintain as much quality as possible, you can use LightX—an advanced, AI-based compression tool. It offers options to shrink jpeg size.

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