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Optimize your PNG images for faster online performance with our PNG Compressor. This tool reduces file size while preserving transparency, making it perfect for web designers and digital artists.

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Steps to Compress Your PNG File

Step 1

Upload Image

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Use the Image Compressor

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Reduce PNG File Size in Seconds

Compress PNG Images for Enhanced Usability

PNG images are a great choice when it comes to getting creative with images and sharing them on the web. PNG format images support transparency and have lossless compression. They are good for high quality and contrast images. This sums up why you should opt for PNG format images. But the question now is the file size too big? Are you struggling with your PNG image compression? LightX has got the solution! LightX’s PNG Size Reducer lets compress your PNG images in no time. You can easily decrease the PNG file size, download it, and anywhere online without any trouble!

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How to Reduce PNG File Size

While uploading your PNG picture, you may come across a moment where you get stuck due to a large file size. You can deal with all such moments by compressing your PNG image and reducing its size. To do so using LightX's compressor for photos, visit its website and select the Image Compressor under Editor Tools. Click ‘Upload Image’ to select the PNG photo you wish to compress. You can shrink PNG file by selecting the size as per the requirement. Click ‘Compress Now’ and your compressed PNG file is ready. Lastly, click Download to save the compressed PNG image on your device. Click Edit Photo to customize it further.

PNG image compression in multiple resolutions and quality

Edit and Customize PNG Image

Style your compressed PNG file using a bunch of professional editing tools in LightX. You can add text, create cutouts, add blur effect, resize the image, change color and so much more! LightX also provides hundreds of editable Design templates. You can use your PNG image with any Design template in the Template Editor. Make your compressed PNG look even better with LightX's editing tools and templates for customization. Done and dusted, share your artwork on multiple platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a raster graphics format supporting lossless compression of data. They are used as high-quality digital images on the internet.

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