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Use the Image Compress Tool

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Reduce Image File Size in MB or KB Instantly

Did you know that your image file size matters? Yes, you read that right! There are many websites, apps, or digital platforms that support uploading or sharing images under a particular size limit. This may restrict you from using the image easily and effectively. To help you with the same, LightX offers the free image size reducer tool that decreases the size of your image with desired quality. You can change and lower the size in MB or KB appropriately. Reduce JPG file size or a PNG file in just a few clicks.

Compress Image Size In MB or KB

How to Reduce Image File Size

To reduce the size of your image, visit Once you are on the website, select the Image Compressor under the Editor Tools. Upload the desired JPG or PNG file from your device. This will redirect you to the editing screen. Once you are in the tool's editing screen, adjust the resolution according to your need. When done, click Compress Now to start the process of image size reduction. In nothing more than a few seconds, your compressed JPG  or PNG image file is ready for download.

Adjust Resolution of Compressed Image

Customize Image Online for Free

LightX offers many photo editing tools and features to experiment with your artistic skills. Get creative with your images by adding  different elements, including stickers, illustrations or shapes. Add customized text to the picture using preset text templates. Once you are done using LightX's image reducer, try the other tools, such as for merging photos, changing image colors, creating picture cutouts and so much more. Use your reduced size image with hundreds of editable templates that LightX offers in the Template Editor.

Personalize Compressed Image Instantly

Image Size Reducer for Web or Social Media

The need for image size reduction often arises when uploading or sharing images on the web or social media platforms. You may need your image at or under a particular size limit for it to work. LightX's image size reducer lets you decrease the size of your image based on resolution and by comparing the original and the estimated image size at every other step of the process. This not only helps you to understand the change better but achieve a suitable size easily. No extra technical knowledge needed! Get started right away!

LightX's image size reducer for Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

An image reducer is an online tool that reduces the size of your image file in bytes. This helps with improved shareability and storage.

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