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Erase people with magic eraser

How to Magic Erase from Image

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Upload your photo in JPEG or PNG format.

Step 2

Mark the Unwanted Object

Paint over the defect you want to remove.

Step 3

Download and Save

Download the cleaned-up photo to your device.

Easily Remove Objects From Backgrounds As If They Never Existed

Making Photobombs and Unwanted Objects Disappear

Ever wish you could just swipe away your photobombs? Well, saying hello to LightX Magic Eraser for photos is like Ctrl+Z on steroids, making your 'oops' moments disappear in seconds. LightX’s Magic Eraser erases objects from photos with the help of artificial intelligence. AI photo eraser tool uses advanced AI technology to erase distractions and deliver flawless results, whether it's removing a person from your scenic shot or getting rid of defects on a portrait.

Remove object from a background with AI magic eraser

Inpaints Background, Not Just Blend Them

The LightX AI magic eraser removes unwanted objects from photos, and then generates a new background behind the removed object, creating a seamless and realistic photo. This is a significant improvement over traditional magic eraser tools, which simply blend the surrounding pixels to fill in the gap left behind by the removed object. This can often lead to unrealistic results, especially if the object is large or complex. Get Picture-perfect memories where it's impossible to tell anything was ever there with the LightX AI magic eraser for photo perfection! 

Magically remove unwanted object from image with magic eraser

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX's magic eraser uses AI  to detect pixels and erase objects from photos. It identifies the object you want to delete and replaces it with surrounding image data, seamlessly blending it for a natural look. 

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Explore AI Tools in LightX Mobile App for FREE
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