Leaves PNG Stickers and Cliparts

Embed the beauty of nature into your art pieces. With an array of leafy designs, you can add stickers like maple, hibiscus, bamboo, black locust, and more. Embrace nature's palette and unlock a world of creativity with these magical botanical companions.

multicolor feather leaf
green textured leaf
colorful leaf
multicolor maple leaf
green palm leaf
colorful rainbow color leaf
colorful maple shaped leaf
green nature leaves
multicolor maple leaf
orange green yellow maple leaf
palm leaf in green color
colorful upwards facing leaf
rainbow color maple leaf
green maple leaf
orange green leaf
colorful leaf of maple shape
green palm leaf
multicolor maple leaf
orange yellow autumn leaf
Green Leaves
maple green leaf with dew
group of green leaves
green leaves in air
yellow autumn leaf with dew
yellow leaf with dew
sage green thin leaves
green leaf with maple shape
brown green maple shaped leaf
green clover leaf
green leaf with folds