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Choose from a bounty of static illustrations and PNG stickers. Create digital content using Lotties, APNGs, and animated illustrations with LightX’s Graphic Elements.

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Explore the complete range of LightX's static and animated graphic elements, precisely curated and conveniently accessible in one place. From detailed illustrations to vibrant PNGs, seamless APNGs to interactive animated illustrations, the LightX collection offers endless possibilities for your creative endeavors.

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LightX Visual Assets: A Collection of Static and Dynamic Graphic Elements

Illustrations and Vectors 

The remarkable ability to scale infinitely while retaining impeccable quality, The crisp, clean lines of LightX’s Illustrations & Vectors result in sharp and precise visuals, making them ideal for creating professional and polished designs. The nature to easily adapt to different color schemes or branding guidelines ensures consistency across various materials and platforms.

Stickers and PNGs

LightX stickers are “no background PNG images” that you can use to make your digital creations. Create stunning compositions, surreal scenes, or realistic montages by layering multiple elements together. Browse through thousands of pre-curated stickers, search by categories or aesthetics, and create your masterpiece on LightX.

Animated Illustrations & Lotties

Combining the precision of vector illustrations with motion and animation.With the addition of movement, transitions, and effects. Created using frame-by-frame animation and motion graphics, these high quality vector animations are the top choice in the commercial sector for creating animated digital content.

Animated Stickers & APNGs

Say goodbye to the limitations of GIFs and embrace the enhanced power of APNGs. With higher color depth, smoother transitions, and support for alpha transparency. Watch your digital content come alive with fluid animations. Upgrade your animated visuals with the brilliance of APNGs and create impactful product showcase videos and engaging social media reels.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily add animated stickers to your photos using LightX, which offers a wide range of fun and dynamic animated stickers and illustrations. With just a few taps, you can bring life to your pictures and make them stand out on social media or in messages. LightX provides a simple and creative way to enhance your photos and add a playful touch to your visuals with its collection of animated stickers.

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