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Steps to Add Photos to Your Videos

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Create an Excellent Video Project With Photos

An Image in Video Makes it Unique

What’s a perfect video with all videos? A flawless video incorporates every element appropriately. One of them is the images. The right image can make your video a hundred times more engaging, catchy, and stand out. Use selfies, still shots, portraits, and different images depending upon the objective of your video and the effect you are trying to achieve. Add and edit with LightX quickly!

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Free Tool With Easy Usability

If you want to create a video, but need help adding photos to it - we've got you covered! Our free online tool lets you add pictures to your video project in a matter of seconds. It also supports different video formats, making it easier like never before to bring forth creativity and share the joy with your video creation. Our tool will do all the hard work for you, so all you have left is to enjoy the result!

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Add Image to Video and Customize

You know what’s more exciting than adding an image to a video? It’s being able to add a personal touch with customization. And LightX’s tool to add a photo to a video, lets you do that at your fingertips. Yes, you read that right! You can not only add your picture to the video, but customize it as you like by resizing, arranging, positioning the added across six different places, applying catchy filters, and more!

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Insert Images of Logos, Products, and More

Videos are now the most popular way to share your message with viewers across the web. And when made with the images of logos, products, etc., for a proper representation, they do wonders. With our tool to add pictures to video, you can add as many and any images you want in an effortless manner. You can upload your own photos or select from thousands of them under the stock library. Get going in just a few clicks!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, using LightX’s tool to add a photo to a video, you can create your video with pictures for free. You can add as many images as you want and edit them further.
or drag & drop an video

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