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Merge Two Videos Online

How To Merge Two Videos Together?

Step 1

Upload Video

Click the “Upload” button or drag and drop your main video file into the designated area.

Step 2

Merge Videos

Click “Media” to add the video to be merged. Customise both video clip layers on the timeline.

Step 3

Download Video

Upon completion, download the final video to your device in the default MP4 format.

Combine Two Videos Of Similar Or Different Formats

Easily merge 2 videos into one regardless of their formats or lengths using LightX. Its support for diverse formats, such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, WEBM, MOV, MKV, and more, has you covered. Upload simply from your device with a quick drag and drop.
When you combine two videos here, arrange them freely on the timeline for sequential playback without interruption. Stitch two videos together in varied techniques - video parallelism emphasising individual observation, highlight comparison with video juxtapositioning, or multiscreen storytelling to convey a cohesive narrative.

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Merge Videos Together - But Customise Individually Layer-By-Layer!

While you combine two videos into one in LightX, enjoy the flexibility to customize each clip separately layer-wise.
It's a hassle-free process - when you merge videos together, select any video layer you want to personalize and witness so much that you can do!
Change video speed, volume, size, or position on the canvas to fill it or display the editable background color.
The prime feature? Animate creatively! Join two video clips together but with different animation effects like Fade, Shift, Slide, Zoom In, Zoom Out, etc., for entrances or exits. Get to combine sound and video, as well!

Instantly Merge Videos Together

Stitch Two Videos Together For Engaging Cohesive Videos

Put two videos together to derive your own masterpieces! Combine various snippets, stories, or footage to craft cohesive videos of varied types.
Make a personalised montage of cherished moments with friends and family. Merge two videos - one showcasing your product and another featuring a customer testimonial to market better.
Curate compilations of music, tutorials, event highlights, interviews, discussions, or debates. Seamlessly join two video clips together for a collective business presentation. The possibilities are endless!

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The Two Videos Combiner For Social Media Platforms

If you are a social media content creator, LightX's tool to merge 2 videos into one is a game-changer for you!
Put two videos together from a camera or other source to create a spectacular travel video for the Instagram reel or story. This broadens your audience coverage.
Add two videos together to craft viral-worthy content for YouTube. Challenges and trend videos are highly sought-after on the platform.
Additionally, make product demo compilations for Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

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Put two videos together with LightX. Upload videos of any format, arrange them in the desired sequence, and export the final video in MP4.

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