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Share your workout routine or amplify your fitness brand with engaging and motivating visual experiences created using LightX's Fitness video maker. Add energizing music tracks, seamless animations, your own images, and bold text to your videos.

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How to Make a Fitness Video?

Fitness Video graphic design

Select a Fitness Video Template

LightX template library consists of professionally designed fitness video templates for every sort of fitness video. Either choose one that fits your idea the best from there or start from scratch. Don’t forget to pick a suitable layout from the available aspect ratios of 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9. You can resize the template later, as well, while editing.


Customize the Template

In this step, bring your idea to life by customizing the video. Add stock images and videos, music for motivation, text for information, and other required elements. Create a unique fitness video with easy and efficient editing in LightX.


Download and Share

Here comes the time for some action! As your video gets done, tap on ‘Export’ to download it and then share.

Fitness Templates for Engaging Videos

LightX's Fitness templates are perfect for creating all kinds of engaging fitness videos including, Aerobics and Cardio video, Strength Training video, High-Intensity Training video, No-Equipment Workout video, and more. Whether you wish to post your fitness videos on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, LightX provides attractive templates in the most suitable aspect ratios of 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9 for all. Pick your best match and customize it with relevant media and text, matching background, exciting animations, etc.

Engaging motivational fitness video templates

Add HD Stock Videos to Your Fitness Video

Lay the foundation for a perfect fitness video by including relevant and high-quality stock videos in it. LightX, with its extensive library of stock videos for fitness, makes it possible. Whether you want a video of a particular exercise, about motivation, or any other, browse as per your need and land on the most fitting video clips in a flash. Customize your chosen stock video, then, with volume adjustments, animation effects such as Swipe, Slide, and more for a top-class fitness video!

HD stock videos of fitness video

Find Best Background Music for Videos

For a fitness video that keeps the viewers' attention till the end, background music is a must. It develops the enthusiasm among viewers to follow and go with whatever you suggest about fitness. Browse from dozens of upbeat soundtracks, such as Techno, Uplifting, or more in LightX. You can also upload any soundtrack of your choice from your device to add music to your video. Customize the added soundtrack according to the video by trimming the unwanted part, looping the best verse, or adjusting the volume level.

Girl stretching video with background music

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