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Take Sound Out of Video in Seconds

Free Video Muter Online

So you've made a video but the audio doesn't suit, or you suddenly realize that there's a more suitable audio alternative? Don't worry - there's a way around that! Mute audio from video to get rid of any unwanted song, music, etc. Try LightX's mute video tool. Remove background music from video in just a few clicks and seconds by muting it. You don't need any special video editing skill or technical knowledge to get started. It's super easy with LightX's video muter. You can even remove background noise from video easily!

Easily Remove Audio From Video

How to Remove Audio from Video

In order to remove audio from video for free with LightX's video audio remover, you first need to visit LightX's website Next, log in to your account or sign up with a free trial if you are a first time user. Once done, select a suitable template as per your video and idea or create from scratch with a blank video template. On the editing screen, upload your video. Upon the successful upload of the video, click the Mute option to remove the audio from the video. And your video is ready to get edited further or downloaded.

Sleep On Music Off

Customize Video With New Audio and More

You thought that was it? Well, surprise! Once you have successfully removed audio from your video with LightX's audio remover, you can customize it with any new audio in LightX. Visit LightX's Music library and browse through dozens of incredible music options that you can add to your video with just a click. You can also upload and add a soundtrack, music, pre-recorded voiceover, etc., from your device. Customize your video further with animated text, stickers, images, and many more elements for free.

Upload Pre-Recorded Voiceover In Your Video
Frequently Asked Questions
One of the easiest solutions of removing audio from a video in your gallery is muting the existing audio. LightX's video audio remover let's you do the same for free online. Simply upload your video to the Template Editor, Click the Mute option, and you are all set.
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