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Add Text to Video Online

How To Add Text To a Video?

Step 1

Upload Video

Select or drag and drop a video file of the supported format from your device.

Step 2

Insert Text In Video

Click the “Text” tool to add text on top of the video using preset animated text templates or simple text options.

Step 3

Download Video

Download the final video in the default MP4 file format and a preferred resolution.

Add Text To MP4, MOV, And More At Different Parts Of Video Clips

Enjoy the flexibility to incorporate text into any video - no video file format limitation. In LightX, you can easily add text to MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI and other formats with a simple upload or drag-and-drop process. LightX's tool to write text on video enables you to include text elements such as titles, subtitles, sentences, words, letters, or text banners anywhere within the video. You can put text on video at the beginning, end, or somewhere in between, regardless if it's a single video or multiple video clips.

Add text to a video in any format online

Overlay Text On Video With Preset Animated Text Templates

LightX's insert text in video tool provides an extensive selection of animated preset text templates featuring captivating text animation effects, such as floating, disappearing, scrolling, running, pop-up, and many others. Add them to your video with just a single click and edit. Additionally, experience creative freedom with the option to overlay text on video, like heading to body, from scratch with a text box. Custom animate the entrance, exit, or overall presence of this video text overlay using effects like Slide, Zoom, and more.

Overlay text on video in seconds

Customise Your Text Over Video Effortlessly

Seamlessly add text to video and customise it to your liking with an abundance of editing features:

1. Hundreds of font styles to choose from.
2. Edit text colour with colour codes or presets.
3. Adjust font size and opacity with simple sliders.
4. Align text over video at the top, bottom, or elsewhere.
5. Layer multiple texts and arrange them to the front or back.
6. Write text on video with suitable letter spacing and line height.
7. Duplicate any text or replace it.

Easily customize your text on video

Put Text On Video For YouTube And Instagram As Captions

In situations where viewers opt not to turn up the video volume, their engagement and your goal may be impacted. With LightX's tool to put text on video, overcome this by adding captions. Ensure to add text to YouTube video and an Instagram video for this purpose to enhance your chances of reaching a broader audience while providing a more convenient viewing experience. If you already have subtitles prepared, add them, too, as a video text overlay. Personalise using attractive font details for an ideal visual appeal.

Put text on video for YouTube, Instagram,facebook,tiktok and more.

Superimpose Text On Video Of Your Song For Lyrics

Nowadays, lyrical song videos are winning hearts! If you wish to make one, LightX's lyric video creator is here to assist you! Be it Rock, Pop, Romantic, or any other genre, just get your lyrics ready, upload your song video to LightX's superimpose text on video tool, and start adding! Insert text in video using a variety of font styles and animation effects suitable for lyrics. Adjust every lyric's duration from the video timeline. It's incredibly easy!

Superimpose text on the video effortlessly

Add Text To Video Meme Or Marketing Presentation

The possibilities with LightX's tool for adding text to video are endless! You can include text in videos of any niche, industry, or objective. Take memes - add text to video meme, a punchline or a joke to make it both funnier and more relatable. Add a sticker to the video, like a text bubble and overlay text within it. Write text on video for marketing presentations with CTAs or catchy taglines. Add label to video of a product, or key facts and essential details into educational slideshows to instantly capture attention. Additionally, add watermark to video to claim your work and prevent unauthorised use.

Write text on video in a few clicks

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX’s tool to add text to YouTube video enables you to add titles to the middle of the video. To begin, upload your video to the tool and once you are in the editor, click the “Text” tool. Under it, navigate to the exclusive “Title” presets and browse the category to select a suitable title text template. From the video timeline, drag and drop the selected title to the desired middle part of the video. Make further edits and download the final video to share it on YouTube.

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By uploading an video, you agree to our Terms of Service.
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