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Steps to Add Text to Your Video

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Add Text Professionally and Edit it Effortlessly

Put Text on Video for Enhanced Engagement

Did you know that adding text to your video can increase viewers' interest, engagement, and comprehension? This might come as a surprise, but the text added to the video appropriately works wonders. Using LightX Video Editor’s tool to add text to MP4 or AVI videos, get going right away. Communicate in fresh and compelling ways, bringing video engagement to the next level.

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Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Tool

LightX Video Editor’s Text tool comes well-equipped with everything you need to add text to your video. It offers an easy and interesting way to incorporate text into your video. All you have to do is to select where you wish for the text to appear and then once done, add it in a single click. Edit your added text using different options. With everything to add and edit the text in your video in one place, save yourself ample time and effort!

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Add Text to Video With Customization

Add text to any part of your video exactly as you like. Conduct absolute customization with a bunch of features. Place heading, sub-heading, or body according to your need. Choose from our pre-made catchy text templates and personalize them to your liking. Browse through fancy font styles, get to scale font, arrange the text in the video, etc. Adorn with many other elements like stickers or shapes in Template Editor.

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Insert  Captions, Titles, and More in Video

You may require particular or different types of text in your video. LightX has got you covered with all your major video text requirements. Using our ready-to-use templates, you can add Titles, Captions, SubText, and others. And it doesn’t stop at just adding them, you can edit them by resizing, changing their color, adjusting letter spacing, animating the text, rotating it, aligning it, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions
In nothing more than a few clicks, you can add custom text to your video and edit it further. From changing the size, color, and alignment of the text to modifying opacity or even replacing it with a new text, you can do it all using LightX Video Editor’s tool to add text to video. This makes it one of the best text video makers out there!
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