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Free Video Splitter Online

How To Split Video Into Parts?


Click the “Upload” button or drag and drop your video file into the designated area. LightX supports all video formats.


Once the video is on the timeline, find the point(s) where you want to split the video. This involves moving the seekbar to the desired timecode.


Click the scissors icon on the seekbar to split the video clip into two parts. To make additional cuts, move the seekbar again and use the scissors.


Delete any unwanted parts or drag the split parts to rearrange them in your desired order.


Upon completion, download the final video to your device in the default MP4 format.

Easily split video into parts

Cut Parts Out Of Video And Rearrange: No Editing Skills Needed!

Wish you could split and join video like a pro? LightX's fast video cutter and joiner simplify the process - simply cut out unnecessary scenes by marking cuts on the video timeline and rearranging the remaining with a flexible drag and drop.
With the latest advanced technology and the intuitive interface of LightX's video divider, splitting a video is a breeze. No fancy editing skills or expertise are ever needed to utilize its free video online cutter.

Free mp4 splitter online

Free Video Splitter: Remove Unwanted Parts, Reduce File Size!

When you cut parts out of video, the unwanted ones, it helps reduce the file size and improves content quality.
Utilize LightX's online splitter for video to create a new video comprising fewer yet the best sections, perfect for sharing online or storage.
Effortlessly remove video scenes containing mistakes, such as recording errors, irrelevant dialogues, poor lighting, shaky camera, or distractions with the video clip splitter. Delete video parts with long pauses or silence and confidential information, as well, using LightX's free video online cutter.

clip splitter for videos

Cut Video Online Free: Split MP4, MKV, AVI, And Other Formats

Facing challenges with slicing and splitting videos across distinct formats? LightX's free video splitter is your one-stop for many - upload any AVI, MP4, MPEG, WEBM, MOV, MKV, GIF, M4V, WMV, TS, VOB, FLV, or SWF file and break video into parts professionally.
Experience seamless cross-platform compatibility, as well, with LightX's splitter for video. Conveniently cut video online free through a browser on your laptop or PC and LightX's mobile app.

Split mp4 into parts in seconds

Split A Video From Any Part Or Point Within The Video

Video partition with a milliseconds-level accuracy offers unmatched precision - often difficult to spot in real-time playback.
LightX's tool to split a video into frames has your back! It lets you quickly split and join video in high quality by analyzing milliseconds from the video timeline.
This slow-motion meticulous editing enables you to capture specific visual details and the desired scenes. Benefit from this advantage of LightX's video clip cutter for your sports, science, and other specialized videos.
Whether it's the middle, end, or start, split video into parts from any point. Alternatively, you can trim videos to remove scenes from the beginning or end.

Split large video into parts online

Share Video Highlights On Social Media With Video Clip Cutter

Social media video length anxiety can be stressful! But LightX is here to assist!
Its video clip splitter helps you divide video into parts, with only the preferred scenes rearranged under the ideal duration for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. For instance, you can re-create a video clip under 60 seconds for the Instagram story.
Utilize these short highlights created with LightX's video divider from your original video for varied sharing purposes. Flawlessly cut and edit videos for coming soon trailers, marketing promos, mini-tutorials, blooper snippets, reactions, and more.

Break video into parts Online

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX's tool to split and join video enables you to cut unwanted parts from video and piece together the remaining clips to create a new video. Unlike merging, where you overlay different media onto a video, here you join distinct video clips through the video timeline; it's like binding them together.

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