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Steps to Add Animated Text to Video

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Try Text Animation to Turn Boring Videos into Exciting

Catchy Text Animations on your videos

Still, sharing those lifeless videos? It’s time to amp up your videos with animated text. Offer a remarkable video-watching experience to your audience with the addition of animated text. LightX’s tool for animated text provides a plethora of trendy preset and editable text templates. You can select from a wide range of categories to add moving text to your videos. You can also add simple text and later animate it according to your choice. Get to put animated text in your videos in vibrant colors with beautiful typography using LightX. 

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How to Add Animated Text to Video

Using LightX’s text animation video maker, you can incorporate moving text in your video easily and swiftly. To add animated text over the video, upload your desired video file from your device or try the sample video. Once the tool’s window opens up, either select from preset animated text templates or add simple text and animate it. Once you have successfully put text on the video, adjust the animated text’s duration and make it move to any particular time in the video through the timeline. 

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Personalize Animated Text as You Like

Isn't it amazing that you can add moving text to your video? But what truly enhances the experience is the ability to customize it, adding the cherry on top. Along with incredible animation, get to add a personal touch, as well, to the text in your video. LightX text video maker lets you explore hundreds of Font Styles and a range of rich colors. Change font size, letter spacing, line height, opacity, rotation, alignment, and more. Add more animated text or replace the one already added with just a click. Enhance the look of animated text in your video with a bunch of customization options. Share a spectacular result of video text effects on different platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Use the font style that suits the video and improves its overall look. The right font makes the video more attractive and engaging. LightX gives you a wide variety of font styles like Orbitron Black, Archivo Regular, Cairo Bold, Merriweather Italic, etc., to choose from. Get to add animated text to video online perfectly. Draw viewers’ attention at first sight! 

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