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Overlay videos on top of each other for creative compositions or to compare two video streams.

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Overlay Video on Video Online

How To Overlay Videos?

Step 1

Upload Main Video

Upload the primary video over which you wish to overlay other videos.

Step 2

Insert Additional Video

Click “Media” to add the video to be overlaid. Customize all video clip layers individually.

Step 3

Download Final Video

Upon completion, download the final video to your device in the default MP4 format.

Overlay Videos Of Varied Formats Or Lengths On a Single Video

Hey there! Want to blend videos together to jazz up your content? LightX's versatile video on video overlay feature has got you covered!
Forget format or length limits - layer main and additional videos of any duration and various formats like AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, MKV, and more.
From picture-in-picture to side-by-side style, effortlessly overlay video on video in high quality - no fancy skills or expertise required!

Overlay one video on top of another

Create Reactions Videos With Multiple Videos in One Frame

Did you know? With LightX's overlay video on video feature, you can craft trendy YouTube videos like your favorite creators!
Make those ultra-popular reaction videos - just overlay a video of your reaction to movies, challenges, etc., on top of their original video, and you're done! Or, create explainer, comparison, or before-and-after transformation videos! Superimpose video on video for gaming streams. Add gameplay footage or commentary. Cool, right? Place video in video for collaborative content, too, with another creator.

Instantly Add video overlay online

Video on Video Overlay For Marketing Or Educational Content

With LightX's video overlayer, make your marketing, educational, travel and even tutorial videos extra engaging and interesting.
Elevate your marketing video game with easy video on video overlaying. Showcase product features side-by-side in demos. Or, include brand and customer testimonial video overlays.
Superimpose video on video in educational content - present different viewpoints or detailed explanations simultaneously on top of the main action for enhanced clarity.
In travel videos or vlogs, overlay destinations, essential products, or instruction videos for richer storytelling.

Easily superimpose video on video

Video Overlayer With Layer-Level Customization For Every Clip

LightX's add video on video tool doesn't just let you stack videos together - you can customize them all, as well, layer-by-layer, for a stunning composition.
Select any layer, base video, or overlay video's on the timeline to control edits.
For instance, move any clip forward or backwards. Modify opacity, video speed, and volume. Precisely resize or arrange a video within the video. Enhance a video clip's entrance, exit, or overall impact with exciting animation effects, such as Fade, Wipe, Slide, and more.
Alternatively, you can merge a video with your main video on the timeline, where one clip plays after the next in sequence for effective storytelling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Video overlay or add video on video refers to placing a video on top of another to create a composite video. This process is also known as video superimposing.

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