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Free MP4 Trimmer to Shorten Videos

Trim MP4 Videos Easily & Quickly

Do you wish to extract a certain portion from your MP4 video? LightX’s MP4 file trimmer has got you covered with perfect video trimming without losing quality. Trim the MP4 perfectly in seconds to achieve a polished and professional look. Simply keep the part of the video file you want, and use different features to make it more appealing and engaging. Insert a song that goes well with the video by either selecting from LightX's Music library or by adding any audio from your device. Put captions, images, stickers, etc., to make your trimmed MP4 video stand out.

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How to Shorten MP4 Videos

You do not require any prior technical knowledge to trim MP4 videos online. With LightX’s MP4 Trimmer, you can trim the unwanted part of the video by trimming with a few clicks. To do so, visit the official website of LightX on your browser. Click Video Editor and select your primary video editing tool as per your requirement. Click Upload Video to upload your MP4 for trimming. Next, click the video and as the Trim Video option appears on the left of the screen, click it to start trimming. Select the desired Start and End time. When done, click Apply to save the changes. This will automatically shorten MP4 video for you.

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Customize MP4 With Video Editing Tools & Features

LightX lets you apply amazing edits to your MP4 video. After you successfully trim MP4 video online, you can do a lot to customize it and add a personalized touch with LightX. Start by adjusting the video's size with the Scaling feature. You can easily change the volume of existing audio and even mute it with LightX. Add static or animated text to the video using preset text templates that you can further edit for suitable font style, size, color, etc. Insert music from LightX's extensive Music library or your device and sync it with the video in a few clicks. Include animated stickers and illustrations, too, for more effect.

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