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Every picture has a story to it. But, do you know what makes that story more interesting? It's music! Music added to any picture makes that picture even more worth watching and it's story worth listening! Grab the attention of your audience by adding music to your pictures. LightX's Add Music to Photo tool lets you put music to your pictures quickly. You can apply any suitable music to pictures without any hassle. Enjoy a smooth, seamless and fun process of enhancing your images with music.

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How to Add Music to Image

To put music on your image, you first need to visit the LightX's website and select the Add Music to Photo tool. Next, upload or drag the image file you wish to use for adding music. Once tool's editing screen appears, you can move on to adding music. You can either select a song from LightX's music library or upload any of your choice. Customize by trimming the length of the added music according to your requirement, adjusting the volume and more such edits. When all's done, download your photo with music.

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Customize With Different Editing Tools

Add extra flair to your music photo with Customization. LightX offers a range of incredible and professional tools for editing. You can firstly personalize your photo by changing colors, adding blur, applying filters, and more to it. And once you are done with that, along with the addition of music to the photo, you can customize the resulting video with text, stickers and more. You can also trim the video, adjust and add music to any part, mute the music if needed, etc. Using LightX you can give a new look to your music image in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you add music to a picture, i.e., add MP3 file to your JPEG file, it automatically turns into a video. The file format changes to MP4. You can then download your photo with music as a video in the MP4 format. If you need the same in any different file format, you can change it using LightX's Video Converter.

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