Remove Text from Image with AI

Clean up your images by removing any unwanted text with our AI Text Remover. Ideal for repurposing images or cleaning up distractions in your photos.

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AI remove text from image

How to Remove Text from Photo

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Upload your photo in JPEG or PNG format.

Step 2

Mark the Unwanted Area

Paint over the text you want to remove.

Step 3

Download and Save

Download the cleaned-up photo to your device.

Make Any Text Disappear from a Photo in One Click

Remove Text from a Picture Without Messing the Background

Delete text in your picture without a trace using LightX's AI-driven tool to remove text from image online. It enables you to eliminate distracting text, preserving your image background exactly as it was. A simple selection and robust AI algorithms will erase text from photo with absolute precision. 

Remove text from image with AI

Protect Privacy: Remove Text from Online Photos

Don't worry about a certain text being an unwelcome guest in your selfies! With LightX AI-enabled text remover, bid adieu to it! With portraits and selfies being your platform for self-expression, let no text stand in the way to stop you from sharing them. Remove personal information, such as names, addresses, or phone numbers for privacy protection. Erase text from the image in minimum time. 

Remove text from photo with AI

The Secret to Creating Stunning Product Mockups

Mockups help visualize how a product or design appears in real-life situations. Removing text from product images enables the creation of mockups that make it easy to create a clean and professional-looking mockup that you can use in your marketing materials or online store. 

Erase text from photo with AI

Remove Text from Memes and Make Them Your Own

Give your favorite memes a fresh twist with the LightX AI remove text from image tool. Whisk away the old text to create space for something new. Remove outdated jokes, punchlines, or ideas, and welcome in the text as per the latest meme trends, infusing your desired memes with revitalized humor. Erase words or remove letters from picture for a meme makeover with the rest of the elements remaining unchanged. 

remove text from images with AI in seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

Delete text from image background with LightX's AI tool. Just upload your photo, mask the text to be removed, and let the algorithms clear it, providing a high-quality, precise outcome.

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