AI Watermark Remover

Effortlessly remove text and image watermarks and logos while maintaining the background integrity with AI watermark remover.

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AI watermark Remover

How to Remove Watermark from Image

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Upload your photo in JPEG or PNG format.

Step 2

Mark the Watermark

Paint over the logo or watermark you want to remove.

Step 3

Download and Save

Download the cleaned up photo to your device.

Remove Watermarks from Images in an Instant with AI

Delete Watermark from Stock Images

LightX's innovative AI-driven watermark remover - is your ultimate solution for efficiently, instantly, and precisely deleting watermarks from stock photos. A simple selection over the watermark in the image and you are done! The advanced AI algorithms will detect and clear watermarks while maintaining Image quality.

AI delete watermark

Remove Both Image and Text Watermarks

Get rid of those pesky image and text watermarks without tedious manual editing using LightX AI watermark eraser. From images of copyright symbols or icons, watermark bars, corner watermarks, etc., to the textual watermarks of copyright, signature overlays, and more, the algorithms carefully determine all nuances to flawlessly remove watermark from photos online free.

AI  remove watermark for images

Removes Logos from Product Photos Easily

The future of a fast and automated mechanism to remove logo from image is here with the LightX AI Cleanup Remove logo from picture, whether a company’s or a brand’s in just the blink of an eye. Delete logo from photo, ranging from the simplest to the most complex one, using LightX robust AI watermark remover.

AI remove logo from Images

Precise Removal of Multiple Watermarks in One Image

Don't be troubled by the watermark patterns over your image anymore! LightX's free watermark remover makes them disappear in seconds. Tiled, diagonal, checkerboard, grid, scattered, overlap, or any other pattern, LightX AI remove watermark technology ensures an accurate, smooth, and seamless watermark vanishing act.

Remove watermark from photo online free

Frequently Asked Questions

An image generated by AI, when downloaded, often comes with a watermark. Handle that without any hassle with the LightX AI cutting-edge watermark removal tool. Clear watermark in your desired AI photo with no need for any manual editing or specialized skills.

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