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Create a Face Cutout With AI

Snip faces out of your photos like a pro! Great for making cool gifts or funky profile pics without the fuss.

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Get a face cutout with AI

How To Cut Face Out Of Picture Online? 

Step 1

Upload Image

Select or drag and drop an image with a clear face in the JPG or PNG format to upload.

Step 2

Cut Out Face From Photo

Select the face in the image for the cutout. Adjust your selection, if needed, using various refining tools.

Step 3

Download Cutout

Save the cutout of the face to your device in JPG format or choose PNG format for a transparent background file.

Free AI Face Cutout Tool: Automatic, Precise, Instant

Effortlessly extract faces from images with LightX's state-of-the-art AI technology. It precisely separates fine details, such as hair strands and accessories, along with the face, ensuring a seamless, natural result. Utilize advanced refining tools like Magic Brush or Magic Erase for any further enhancement. Experience the easiest way to cut out a head from a photo like a pro for free.

Automatic face cut out tool for images

Obtain a Transparent Face Cut Out Photo In PNG Format

Eliminate the hours of tedious manual editing for transparent photo face cutouts. With just a simple convenient selection, LightX's AI detects and cuts a face out of a picture online, delivering your custom cutouts with transparent backgrounds for free. Download them in high-quality in the PNG format to preserve the transparency. Easily share online or print for varied projects.

Get transparent png face cut out photo in png format

Create a Big Head Cutout Of Yourself, Pets, Or Characters

Create an oversized head cutout for your graduation announcement, design a delightful birthday poster featuring your pet's face, or bring excitement to events with big face cutouts of favorite characters and celebrities—all with LightX! It offers a free and instant solution for generating eye-catching cutouts. Simply select the image you want to transform, use LightX to magnify the head, and then print it on sturdy foam board for a memorable display. For those who love the charm of caricatures, LightX also provides a caricature generator. With just an image upload, this AI enhances the distinctive features of your face, crafting stunning and humorous caricatures in moments.

AI Create a big head cut out of yourself

Seamlessly Place Face Cutouts on Templates, Images, Backgrounds

Beyond enabling you to cut a head out of a picture, LightX offers a comprehensive editing experience. You can overlay your downloaded cutout PNG on templates, or your own or stock images. Customize the face cut out photo further by attaching suitable text and graphics with it. These powerful editing tools and features greatly streamline the editing process for you.

Instantly extract face from image  with AI

Create Funny Face Cutouts For Hilarious Head Swap

Bring your inner prankster forth! Cut out a head from a photo and overlay it on animals, superheroes, muscular bodies, or iconic characters for amusing head swaps. These funny AI face cutout swaps by LightX are perfect for an additional dash of humor and entertainment within your custom memes, thumbnails, or any other delightful digital content on social media.

Funny head cut out with LightX face extractor from image

Create Head Cutout For T-shirts, Mugs, And Trophies

Spruce up your diverse merchandise with a personalized big head cutout. Honor an achievement with a cutout of a face on a trophy. Celebrate a loved one with their face cutout on a mug. Use a cutout of a comical face for a unique t-shirt design. 

Extract the head from the photo online.

Frequently Asked Questions

In LightX, once you successfully crop a face out of a picture, you can adjust its dimensions by moving any of the handles, located on the canvas.

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Explore AI Tools in LightX Mobile App for FREE
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