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Replace Man with car using AI Inpainting

How to Inpaint Image with LightX

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AI Inpainting: Turn Imperfect Images into Impeccable!

AI-Enabled Image Inpaint Tool for Artistic Editing

A powerful tool for artists and designers to experiment with different visual styles and concepts - LightX's image inpainting AI! Conduct artistic editing for a creative transformation, such as texture, shapes, or elements in the image precisely. The result? An AI image inpainting that seamlessly integrates into the rest of the image, making it almost impossible to determine any edits!

Replace Painting using image inpainting AI

Inpaint Blank Spaces in the Image with All New Content 

Utilizing inpainting, add new imaginative content into the once-blank spaces in your images. Within LightX's AI-driven inpaint online tool, mask any blank space in the picture and enter a prompt for the unique content you desire. The inpainting AI tool instantly inpaints your expected content into the blank space, completing the composition such that it pleases the eyes.  

Replace Blank Space with piano using inpainting AI

Try AI Inpainting for Object Replacement in Image 

Replace existing objects in your images with entirely new ones using LightX's AI-powered image inpainting tool. The robust algorithms automatically identify your masked object - people, text, or anything else - and perfectly inpaint the new one based on your provided prompt. The AI inpaint tool, any day, is a great way to revitalize your image with a fresh and cohesive look. 

Replace Flower Pot with Lamp using inpaint eraser

Inpaint Image Background to Remove Unwanted Elements 

Whether you are a photographer, an editor, or anyone looking to declutter their images, eliminate unwanted elements in the background by employing LightX's free image inpaint tool. Just mask the one you wish to remove and input a prompt. In seconds, the AI inpainting tool directs the removal of the existing element and accurately and naturally inpaints the background, for an all-new environment. 

Remove unwanted object using inpaint tool

Online Image Inpainting to Add the Missing Parts  

Worry no more about the missing parts in images due to camera errors, black areas of a panorama, and other imperfections. LightX's inpainting AI tool lets you fix and fill them easily. The advanced deep learning model of its inpaint AI thoroughly examines your selected missing area and intelligently fills it as guided by your prompts, ensuring evenness with the surrounding image pixels. No trace of any flaw left behind!  

Add tent using AI image inpainting

Frequently Asked Questions

The AI image inpainting by LightX is fixing and filling in images to enhance their overall context, mood, or narrative. It enables the incorporation of new content, removal of unwanted elements, object replacement, editing imperfections, adding in missing parts, and a lot more based on your masking of the area to be inpainted and text prompt. 

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